November 20, 2009

* I'm Knitting a caterpillar

Well - it sort of looks like a furry caterpillar.  It's actually a wool shawl for those cool winter nights in SMA.  I call it my "Gypsy Shawl".  I feel like a Gypsy these days ... alive and ready to hit the road.  I've been dreaming about long road trips in a small camper van .. just me and Habibi. Would I have the guts?  Maybe!!  I'm working on it.  A few exploratory camping trips around the Island to see if I like it. Would I be scared to death?  Who knows.  Fear tends to hold me back.  I'm doing work in that department as well.  If it was a 'go' - I'd love to drive down to Santa Fe to see my Artist Tribe.  Ah yes, some of my tribe is in Santa Fe.  That is one beautiful city and area for that matter.  I could live there.  Let's get to SMA first, Donna!!!!!

Back to my shawl.  I don't have a pattern.  The pattern is an original - straight out of my imagination.  K1, K1, K1, K1 and repeat until end of row. I didn't risk knit one row pearl one row.   This way, it's extremely mindless work.  I can sit in the evening watching TV or listening to music and build my shawl.  I change colours randomly -- it's an intuative process I am finding.  I thought at first it would be an even balance of oranges and greens, however, I'm finding I want much more orange in it.

I drive about an hour out of Victoria to purchase my wool.  A magical shop called 'The Loom' located just outside Duncan at Whippletree Junction. You can loose yourself in there for hours at a time simply soaking in the richness of the colours.  The textures, types of wool, and countries or origin are incredible.  It is truly a dreamy place.  If you're not inspired when you walk in there - you can't help but be when you walk out!

Anyone else knitting out there?  It's becoming very popular again.  If I'm restless, it settles me.  It quiets my mind.  The rhythm is meditative and calming.  It lifts my spirits.  It's lovely to keep my hands busy. It helps me to keep balanced. It keeps me from the rabbit hole.  What more can you ask.
"Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead."  Louisa May Alcott

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