December 16, 2009

* Earthly Goods I adore

A Silver Cloud Rolls Royce, a Cozy Cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea,  Beaches, Turkish Coffee, The Greek Islands, Camp Fires and Fireplaces, Chopping Wood, Fresh eggs, still warm, Chickens clucking 'round the yard, The sound of cow bells,
Claridges Hotel, London, The Empress Hotel, Victoria, The sound of ocean waves, The Ocean, Good Cognac, French Champagne, Home made bread, Mama's home made chicken noodle soup, Fresh carrots from the garden, raw, dirt still on, Broad minded conversation, Out of the box people, Great Art, Music, Convent Garden, The Pearly Kings and Queens, Placido Domingo, The last night of the Proms, The Royal Albert Hall, Sea side villages, Sailing into a Greek Island at dusk, Fresh ground pepper, Antique Roses in the garden, Adobe houses, The Mediteranean sea, Old World Wine, Sea Shells, Papa's Pipe, Persian Carpets, Venice, Old Houses with potential, Tall Ships, Sacred Choral Music sung a cappella in an old Cathedral, Elizabethan History, Russian Literature, Hampton Court, Beach Huts, Blue Sky and Sunshine, Silk, Small, Narrow Winding Roads, Gardens - almost any kind, Birds, Fountains, Creeks, Streams, the Sound of Running Water, Spanish Guitar, Mariachi Bands, Archeological sights, Camels, Dogs, Long Road Trips, Culture Shock, Ethnic Food, Wild horses on the Moors, Irish coffee with treasured friends, Travel, Fireworks, Bagpipes, Castles, Lute music, Old Pubs and Inns, Goats, Scottish Sheep, Highland Cattle, Dubrovnik, Paris at night, Palapas, Good Coffee in Bed, A long bubble bath, Candle light, White linen table cloths, Really good china, Beautifully set tables, Prime Rib, Crystal glasses that ring when you toast each other, Organic Peanut Butter, Escargot served in the shell, A small hotel overhanging the ocean in Mousehole, The Parthenon lit up at night, Meteor Showers, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools, The Northern Lights, The Big Dipper, The Southern Cross, Bed and Breakfasts, A Great Massage, Natural Mineral Hot Pools, Roasted Chestnuts, Down Puffs, Pure Egyptian Cotton Sheets, Clay Roof Tiles, Cobble Stone Streets, Burrows, Markets, Butterflies, Base Guitar Players, Fresh Oysters from Fanny Bay, King Island Cheese, Stuffed Figs, Greek Olives, Live Theatre, An Orchestra Tuning up, Funky small neighbourhood coffee houses, The Statue of Liberty, The White Cliffs of Dover, Jackaranda Trees in Bloom, Gypsy Music, Violins, Playing the spoons and Sing Songs, Fortnum and Masons, The Ile St. Louis, The Fairy Steps, The Shoogly Brig, The Bay of Fires.   There is more .... another time .... another post.  One of my readers, Salma, adores Four inch Gucci heels...Spanish paprika...antique teapots.  What Earthly Goods do you adore?

"When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lilly with the other." ~ old proverb

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