December 17, 2009

* Exclusive Inspired Ideas ....

These were some of my 'Exclusive Inspired Ideas' in 2001.  I wonder what they would be in 2010.  I may explore that thought and let you know in a later post.

In the mean time .. here are some of my thoughts from 2001.

* Italy.
* Hilton.
* A hammock by the sea.
* Nights in private castles.
* Mornings at the sea shore.
* The quiet countryside just beyond Paris.
* The right companion.
* Discover China.
* Greece in the quiet season.
* Show your hair off.  Fix it up and take it out.
* Quench your longings and amplify your joy.
* Castles in Spain.
* Dream in French.
* Believe ... and your dreams will come true.
* Island Hop!

At the time I created this collage, I was caring for my elderly parents.  Mama had taken ill.  She was 93.  I moved to be with them so they could stay in their home.  Mama passed away that summer.  It was an honour care for her.  Papa and I were together for two more years.  He passed away in the fall of 2003 at 97.  These were dreams to put on paper.  Dreams to allow my mind to float away.  Since then I've been working toward healing.  Depression has been my constant companion for a large part of my life.  I have made tremendous progress.  I think my 'Exclusive Inspired Ideas' might be very different now.  I will let you know.

"Don't follow your dreams; chase them."
~ Richard Dumb (we who think is very smart :)
I like this quote.  Never in my life did I receive the message I would be allowed, let alone encouraged, to follow my dreams.  It was thought I must be practical.  I must be a teacher or a nurse.  I became neither. I longed to be an artist, an interior decorator.  I am having to learn to follow my dreams on my own.  I hope it's not too late.  Am I too old to run after them?  Perhaps I need a very fast sports car!

                                                                WORDS I ADORE

Indulgent.  Frolic.  Eccentricity.  Auspicious.  Celebrate.  Genteel.  Passion.  Mystical.  Emporium.  Bohemian.  Repartee.  Enthralling.  Chameleon.  Opulence.  Merriment.  Gypsy.

The older woman is INDULGENT of her.  After all, she carries within her the spirit of a BOHEMIAN,  a GYPSY and the MYSTICAL ways of her blood line.  In the evening she is happiest by the night fire where she can FROLIC and dance in the MERRIMENT of her tribe.  The amusing REPARTEE of these tribal evenings is quite often memorable, and she cherishes these times together.  On a moments notice, she is able turn from her quiet, calm inward woman, to a wild woman.  It is ENTHRALLING to observe.  She is a bit of a CHAMELEON.  A GENTEEL soul in many ways, her heart dictates she live her life with PASSION.  On Wednesdays she reads tarot cards at the near by EMPORIUM.  She is aware her entire being includes many parts which others view as ECCENTRICITY.  She adores and nourishes these parts of herself.  Now at eighteen, she feels it an AUSPICIOUS time to enjoy the OPULENCE of the golden earrings she inherited on her birthday. They once belonged to her great grandmother, The Gypsy Queen.  What a heritage to CELEBRATE!

Wow, that was fun!  After writing down all those words,  (actually, they were from a 2001 journal entry on 'words I adore') I thought I would challenge myself to write a paragraph containing each and every word.  Try one of your own.  Does it make any sense?  lol

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