December 14, 2009

* Habibi and Huxley

FRIENDS.  AHHHhhhh.   It's a great thing to have friends.  Friends understand everything.  You can sit on the stairs with a friend and not have to say one thing.  It's comfortable to sit in silence.  You can play with a friend. You can make a tremendous amount of noise with a friend.  You can run with a friend. You can raise hell with a friend.   You can growl at a friend and they don't take it personally.  You can wait all day for a friend and not be impatient.  A friend is always happy to see you.  You can be sad with a friend.  You can work with a friend. A friend is always happy to help you.   Good friends have no expectations.  Good friends accept you just the way you are.  It doesn't matter if your hair is messy.  It doesn't matter if you have a little mud on your feet.  Friends are just happy to have you with them.  Friends share their dinner and their water.  Friends make sure your face and ears are clean.  Friends help you wash up.  Friends are always happy to give you a kiss.  AHHhhhhh yes,  Friends are a good thing.  Friends make my heart sing.

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