December 2, 2009

* I broke my own rule today ....

32 more sleeps 'til I leave for SMA!

Yes, I broke my own "rule" today!!!!  Another rule I have states:  "Nothing is Written in Stone".  lol  However, the rule being discussed in this instance is written like this:

"When purchasing any item which I am bringing into my home and integrating into my life, the object must meet the following objectives:

  • I must LOVE it!
  • It must contribute to my happiness.
  • It must contribute to my well being.
  • It must make my heart sing.
  • It must dance."
I have found this keeps me from making hasty decisions where I might think --- "Oh, I'm too tired, this will have to do.", or, worse yet "Wow, this is such a good price, and it's hardly any different from the one I adore -- I can live with this!".  In both instances, I have made decisions which do not make me happy in the long run.  I 'settle' ... it does not really please me.  I get it home.  I don't LOVE it, it does not make me happy, I actually feel crappy about it, my heart feels lethargic, and the object of what was supposed to me my affection is not doing any sort of a dance.  It is in fact lying there like a big fat lump!

So ... that's what happened today.  A few years ago, in one of my more "negatorie" moments, I sent all my Christmas music to a charitable organization!  As you can understand, after I made the decision to adjust my attitude this year ... I NEEDED some Christmas music.  BUT ... did I follow my own rule?????  Oh no!  I went to the dollar store and bought three of the cheapest, most repulsive Christmas music CD's I have ever heard .... and all because of the all mighty dollar!!!!  When will I learn???

Already, they are in the garbage.  No charitable organization would want them.  I've been reminded of my decision to only purchase what I love, and if it's not in front of me at the moment I desire it, there is such a thing as WAITING for the right thing to come along!   SHEESH!

Here I am without Christmas music.  It's OK.  Later this week, as I am Christmas shopping, I will buy myself one lovely album which I will love for a very long time.  Next year, I will do the same.  Soon I will have my 'collection' in place.

Does anyone else out there fall into this trap?  Let me know!

"You are the embodiment of the information you choose to accept and act upon.  To change your circumstances you need to change your thinking and subsequent actions."  ~Adlin Sinclair

                                                   WHAT MAKES MY HEART SING

STREET MARKETS!  It can be any kind of street market.  It's partly the colour.  I adore the bright mix of market stalls.  It's the hustle and bustle.  The bartering (if I'm in a foreign country).  The entire atmosphere is soooo full of LIFE.   Great energy.  I adore people watching. Such fun.  Observing the relationships between the buyer and the vendor, families, young lovers, children, and elders.  What could be more engaging and charming. I'm so excited about SMA.  I will be back in true street market country - where it is part of their culture, where it is part of their history.  They are comfortable with it.   That in itself makes a difference. Strolling slowly through a street market is an exquisite way to spend a morning.  Street Markets make my heart sing!

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