December 8, 2009

* It's freezing here ...

It's 1 degree here at the moment - down to -3 tonight.  Oh, don't laugh, all of you in Alberta --- I know it's -20 degrees there, and believe me, you have my sympathy.  However, for us here at the coast - this is cold!  The wind has been really getting to me.  I don't mind it with no wind - but wow, that wind really goes right to the bone.  So much for my whining.  The grass is green, there are still buds on the roses, the streets are bare, I'm wearing ordinary shoes and a light coat to go walking --- so OK, I will shut up!!

I may have to break down and purchase a window scraper this year though.  I have had to contend with ice on the car windows (poor me!).  Sometimes my credit card simply isn't cutting it .. lol.

It's been a quiet day here.  Grocery shopping and errands today. Dinner with my friend, Jean, upstairs. Three phone calls with friends.  Did some Christmas cards tonight which felt good.  Tomorrow a little walk to the mail box will be in order.

It was an ordinary day, in an ordinary neighbourhood, in an ordinary city!  Sometimes, it's too much ordinary for me.  Sometimes I need more.  I just don't know more of what.

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."  ~Cecil Beaton

I recall the first time I saw Cecil Beaton's work.  It was 1967 - the Tate Gallery in London, a show of some of his most famous portraits.  I was breathless, I was in awe.  The essence of each person looked you square in the eye from the wall.  It altered everything I thought I knew about photography.  Nothing like being exposed to a masters' work.  It simply changes some part of you, forever.

Habibi is curled up by my side.  There is absolutely nothing on TV tonight.  Time for a little read, then lights out.  Nite Nite.

                                                     WHAT MAKES MY HEART SING

PALM TREES.  When I first lay my eyes upon their beauty, I take a deep breath and sigh.  The fact I am gazing at them means I am in a warm place on holidays!   They sore to such amazing heights.   It's a good thing they sore very high, 'cause when you look up to see the beautiful palm tree, you also see the gorgeous sky and it makes you feel happy!  Palm trees live in warm countries.  I frankly want to live with them.  I long to integrate into their neighbourhood.  Some Palms produce coconuts --- now that's a treat.  It amazes me most palms have such incredibly long trunks with enormous masses of palm fronds all bunched at the top. They remind me of huge, upside down feather dusters.  They are special, don't you think?  Palm Trees make my heart sing.

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