December 27, 2009

* Re-Focus

Changed target of brain from holiday season to San Miguel.  I leave in one week.

Today I messed around with a new blog.  It's in storage for the moment.  We will see what happens.  It's called:  "Art Helps Me Breathe".

I finished my shawl.  DISASTER has struck!!  I love it.  I took it off the circular needles and it's exactly the correct width -- however -- it is TWELVE FEET LONG!!!  Yes, you heard me correctly!  Exactly double the length it is supposed to be!  That could be why it seemed waaay tooo heavy when I was knitting it!!! It's really rather laughable!  I have no idea what happened and I don't know how to fix it.  So, perhaps for now, I will simply have to leave it!  Muchly disappointed however!

Made my last list of 'things to do' this week.  Not much left really.  I have my suitcase out and am setting things in as I think of them.  My hair is done.  I've given myself a manicure.  A pedicure is in order ... and .. oh yes, that hair on my upper lip!!!  Damn hair on upper lip ... lol.

My biggest challenge when going away is deciding what to take.  I think I have everything under control ... at the last minute I have a panic attack and throw everything I own in!  Not good for the new rules on overweight luggage. : )

Definitely looking forward to some sunshine.  It's been very gray here.  Fresh vegetables and fruit at the markets.  All that wonderful colour.

Looking forward to the traveling part?  Not so much.  Seventeen hours in all.  Mind set I tell myself.  Mental note to self:  I will enjoy the seventeen hour journey.  Mental note to self:  take good book, sodoku, and small pad to write on.  Heightened security at airports at the moment.  I go through Seattle and Houston.  Patience is in order as well.  ... another mind set thingie!

Anyone got ideas on a good book?  Let me know.  Still time for a browse around a good book store.

               “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”  ~ Mark Twain

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