January 5, 2010

* A day in San Miguel

This is my kitchen.  You can see I purchased bread, wine, one cob of corn and an onion!  I had forgotten about the corn.  They grow white corn here.  Very chewy and tough.  It's the kind of corn they grow for cattle feed in Britain.  Anyway, after I cooked it, I soon remembered.  No more corn for the time being.  Perhaps there is a certain way to serve it.  I will check.

This is the owner's apartment.  She is away in Thailand.  There is some very nice art and pottery here.  I will try and share a little of that with you from time to time.

Off the kitchen there is a small balcony and a spiral stair case which carries you to the upper terrace.  Fabulous view! Too cold for now.  When it warms up I will be spending my evenings there, looking over San Miguel, glass of wine in hand.  Ah yes.  Anticipation.  Isn't it great!

Out into the streets today.  Over to a place called LifePath http://www.lifepathretreats.com/Content/default.asp.  One of the teachers there has put together a self guided writing course called "Found Words - Found Wisdom".  I went over to pick up a printed copy today.  Since the forecast is for 'cold', I thought a little at home writing workshop might be just the ticket.  I have been on LifePaths' mailing list for a few years now.  I hope to explore their offerings more, if time permits.

The streets were crowded today.  The sidewalks are so narrow,  two people can hardly walk side by side.  If a person had one short leg and one long leg it would work perfectly - you could walk with one foot on the sidewalk, one on the street.  When you turned around to go the other way, there would be a problem! ; ) 

SMA has a very different feel to it.  I'm not sure what it is yet.  Opposite to the feel of a beach town like Puerto Vallarta - whatever that feels like.  I think it's because this is 'more' than a beach town.  Real people live here, they work not just in the tourist industry, they are born here, raise their families and die here.  In a beach town, so many people move there to obtain work in the tourist industry.

I've been in colonial hill towns before - Taxco for one - but this is even different than that.  I think perhaps there is agriculture in the area.  Men of the land seem to be on the streets.  Jeans and straw stetsons - look like they are missing their horse.  I have a lot to learn about this place!

I do know one thing for sure.  I AM IN MEXICO!!  I know this because the phones were down all day, the computers were down all day, and the banks ran out of money.  Yes, indeed, you heard me correctly.  There was not a peso to be had at any bank today.  There will be no more money until the weekend when their supplies are replenished from Mexico City.  Mental note to self:  always keep a stash.

Hauled a few more groceries home.  Heavy.  Panting and puffing.  I have a little altitude sickness - loss of appetite (YEAH) and a little upset tummy.  This too shall pass.  It could take up to three weeks to adjust to the altitude.

Price of groceries in a centro (tourist grocery shop).  Prices in Canadian Dollars.  Wine, $6.20.  7 eggs, 80 cents. Large huge can of peaches, 2.00.  Cottage Cheese, 2.53.  Brie Cheese, 5.52.  Local cheese, 1.28.  Bacon, 3.18.  Fancy crackers, big box, 2.77.  Brown rice, 1kg., 1.55, Tortillas, 2.36.   I have not been to a local market yet ... can't wait.

It's 7:30 pm here - I just got in from a little adventure.  I will share that with you tomorrow.  Must go and have something to eat.

Grumpy Marshall weather report for San Miguel de Allende, for Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Feels Like

"Remember what Bilbo used to say:  It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door.  You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."
~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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