January 14, 2010

* A Day to Play

A day of fun and merriment!  Artists need their 'STUFF'.  This was some of our stuff, which Wendy and May kindly supplied.  I brought two nicho's to decorate.  Nichos are small tin boxes in various shapes and sizes.  They are meant to be small shrines.  They are meant to honour something.  Here in Mexico, the Day of the Dead is very popular.  Many miniatures are available to make Nichos.  Today May took me to the artisans market to pick up a couple blank tin nichos to decorate.  That was a mistake!  Tomorrow, we continue finishing the nicho's we began today.  Friday, it is my intention to spend the entire day, poking around the artisans market.  Can't wait.  It's at least three blocks long - stalls on both sides.  Very intising indeed.  I will be in serious trouble.  I already know and accept that.

We spent the entire day at Wendy's house.  Wendy is English, lived in the states for many years, went back and forth from Mexico to the US.  Noticed she was spending more time in Mexico and said Adios, USA.  10 years ago, she bought a house in San Miguel.  She is very very happy.  I would say she has blossomed.  In the states, she confided to me, her house was completely white.  Well, I can't say that for her house in Mexico.  She came with nothing but a few things in her car.  Her house has evolved and blossomed as she has grown to love this country, to contribute to this country, and to live in this country.  Wendy is a woman who is not afraid of colour.  In the US, maybe .... there were expectations after all.  Here in Mexico, some major artery has exploded which caused ancient Mexican blood to spill. Suddenly she was  painting everything, collecting everything, and absolutely blossoming into a state of bliss.  Wendy weaves.  Wendy does tin work.  What is it Wendy doesn't do?  I'll let you know.  Allow me to walk you around her house.  There is much to see. I couldn't take it all in one afternoon.  Nevertheless, here's a little taste of Wendy's world.

So there!!  That's a small nibble of Wendy's place.  You really have to experience it.  I forgot to take photos from the terrace, except for the colourful laundry hanging to dry across the street.  Fabulous long vistas out over the hills invite you to linger.  There was no 'lingering' for us.  We had Nichos to create!
A brilliant day was had by all amongst our paints, brushes, decorative bits and pieces and our Nichos.  Tomorrow I go back for more!!!  Perhaps I may even finish one.

Forgot to tell you about lunch.  Wendy drove us to a little restaurant on the main ring road around San Miguel.  We sat on the patio.  Dust drifted in as steady stream of cars and big lorries rumbled by.   A few under watered, droopy, dusty palm trees decorated the yard.  The restaurant is "all things fish".  Fish served every way you could conjure up.  Wendy had fish with cilantro sauce, May's had fresh mushroom sauce, and mine in a creamy cheese and chili!  Delightful, delectable, delovely!  Famous for the fish, not the ambiance, the little restaurant flourishes.

                                        How's that for a Pinata!

The Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Thursday, January 14, 2010
Sun with a few clouds.  High of 64 degrees F.  Low of 34 degrees F.

The things we fear most in ourselves -- fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances -- are the primary sources of creativity.  ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

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