January 6, 2010

* First explorations ....

This is the bedroom.  Very comfortable indeed.  Everything I could possibly ask for and a gorgeous little room to boot.  I haven't had the TV on yet.  I don't know what's available.  There is a little stereo and lots of CD's.  The chase is just right for an afternoon read.  And the beautiful armoire holds all my clothes nicely.

Late yesterday afternoon, I was picked up by a man!  Yes, a human being of the male persuasion.  A rare happening in my life.  We had never met in person.  I was fantasizing about an older, silver at the temples, dark haired Mexican gentleman, black eyes firing on both cylinders, dressed in a light suit wearing a large brimmed Panama hat. He would be a widow, of course.  One can always hope.

Before leaving home, I spoke with many people in SMA regarding real estate.  One gentleman, after a few e-mails about the properties he is involved in, asked me to bring him a Vancouver Sun Newspaper.  I said I would.  I, of course, knew in my heart, he would be a young businessman, full of hope and hunger.  I met him last night.  He picked me up, took me to the development.  Magnifico!  The homes are mansions.  I wish I had taken my camera.  DUH  The home I fell in love with is built in old Colonial style.  Walking in, you are surrounded by a central courtyard with a huge fountain and stone pillars all around.  There is a fireplace at one end.  The huge skylight which lights the interior courtyard and protects it from the elements is stained glass.  The ceiling in the courtyard is probably 40 feet high.  All fireplaces are hand carved local stone.  The floors are local stone interspersed with hand made Mexican tile.  The kitchen and living room are off the courtyard.  There is a bathroom on the main floor, together with laundry and service quarters.  Doors at the back of the courtyard lead to an outdoor courtyard complete with fireplace and fountain.  The master bedroom is also on the main floor, huge, glorious fireplace, large walk-in closet, wet bar, and full bath.

Upstairs there are two more bedrooms, both with fireplaces.  Two large open areas overlooking the courtyard would be great for an office and a media room.  Outdoor terraces open off the back of the house and both bedrooms.  Up one more flight and you are on a huge open terrace with view of SMA and the entire surrounding country side. Serviced with water and gas, it is ready for an outdoor kitchen to be installed.  We watched a truly glorious sunset leaning on the terrace wall, dreamily drifting off over the hills to the horizon.

After we viewed the development, Mauricio drove me everywhere, and I mean everywhere in SMA.  I have no clue where I have been.  It's a magnificent city. The population by the way is 80,000.  Just right! At one point we watched the San Miguel begin to glow and twinkle as dusk lowered herself upon the hills. The church tower became a lighted beacon of the night. I stood on that high hill, talking slow deep breaths, soaking it into my pours,  enthralled by the magic of it all.

There is big money in SMA.  I had read about it, however, last night I was witness to it.  Some of the houses Mauricio and his company have built are worth over $10 million US, and last night I saw them!  Those same houses, situated in the right places in the US or Canada for that matter, would be worth over $20 million!

Interesting fellow.  Mauricio is probably late forties, divorced, 4 children, all grown and away from home.  He is studying English and French.  His original profession was a biologist/botanist. I had lessons in all the local greenery.  He picked lavender and rosemary for me!  His brother builds houses.  About 5 years ago they got involved in building in SMA big time and about two years ago in this development.  He's also an artist with a camera, and has a collection of about 400 SMA sunsets.  He's going to forward me some of his best, and I will share with you.

I very much respect how they are proceeding with the building of the development.  Each house takes about a year to complete.  They will not promise any sooner.  All local materials are used.  Mexican wood, Mexican stone, Mexican glass, Mexican brick, Mexican tile, Mexican hand carved furniture for display purposes.  The stone masons are local and very very good, all the iron work is hand made locally, all lighting which is mostly iron work is local and completely blew my socks off.  All the stained glass windows and skylights in the homes are crafted locally.  Absolutely nothing imported from China or India of USA.  They are supporting their people in building these homes.  They are creating work and keeping the money in the country.  I was very impressed.

I hope to get back to the development to take some photos.  The sculpture and art in the homes is also breath taking.  All local and all world class.  This is a country of artisans.  It oozes from their pours.  They can't help it.  It's in their genes.  They carry their art with them at a cellular level.

The Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende, Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cloudy and 59 degrees F.  Humidity 51% 

"The true traveler is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of the time." ~ Colette

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