January 1, 2010

* Happy New Year 2010

A whole new decade to look forward to!  I'm so looking for a good one.  I think whatever life throws at us, it is how we react to it.  After all, we can't control the world around us.  The only aspect of a situation we have control over is how we react.  So I'm all up for reacting in a positive way, a calm way, a loving way, ... whenever I can!!

We had a great little dinner party last night.  Beautiful food, good company, great conversation, lots of laughs and fabulous champagne!  After dinner we ended up laughing our way through ... wait for it .... a game of parchesi!!  None among us had played it for so long we had all sorts of self created difficulty, like putting our game piece in the circle that didn't match our colour, and going around the board the wrong way ..... Yep!!! .. we knew what we were doing!  That was half the fun I think.  It certainly created some hysterical laughter.

The New Year's Eve Blue Moon was not visible : (   That didn't stop us from toasting it.

Tomorrow is the big day, so must go and do some last minute packing and organizing.  I'm packing 'extra patience', since security in the States is on high alert!  Sometimes it's hard to locate extra patience when it's required.  I'm going to keep some so I can reach it quickly .... a zip lock bag in my purse.

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".  ~ George Bernard Shaw

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