January 6, 2010

* Last room in the house ....

This is the library/den off the living room.  It's a lovely little space.  The owners collection of books is delicious and every night I druel while deciding what to have a peak at.  Many many books on Mexico.  The bathroom with dressing table is through the door.Today I have stayed close to home.  My body seems to need time to adjust.  I will allow it that time.  I have worked on my writing workshop.  I have posted a couple of items to my other blog "Fragments of a Woman" at http://fragmentsofawoman.blogspot.com/,  should you wish to explore.

Today, I have tried my hand, for the first time in many years, at Haiku.  For those of you not familiar with Haiku, in its traditional Japanese form, it's is a short poem of seventeen syllables written in three lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively. Try it, it's fun.  I had forgotten.  Perhaps I will write one every day and hone my skills.  Here are today's first timid attempts.

Feet on cold floor
of old sweet Mexican tiles
absorb vibrations


Ancient cobblestones
carry me to places which
allow my heart to sing

The Grumpy Marshall Weather Report San Miguel de Allande for Wednesday January 6, 2010

Cloudy and 64 degrees F.  Wind from the west at 15 mph.  Humidity 45%

Appreciation of life itself
becoming suddenly aware
of the miracle of being alive,
on this planet,
can turn what we call ordinary life
into a miracle.  ~ Dan Wakefield

PS:  Don't 'cha love the pinata?

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