January 10, 2010

* Market Day

A day of wandering, loosing myself in this beautiful culture, loosing track of time. Church bells, music, the happy sound of engaged chatter.  People watching. Children blowing bubbles in the Plaza, chasing balls.  Teenagers no doubt talking about 'love'.  Adults sitting on park benches catching up on the gossip.  I enjoyed the moment, the atmosphere, the sun, the light, the warmth.  Big blue sky.  High sky.  Up, Up, Up.   Astounding light.  Sharp, keen, intense, dramatic.

I found the neighbourhood market today.  It's large.  Everything is there you could possibly need or want.  Like one of our malls, only diversified and delightful.  Fruit, vegetables, bakery goods, meat, cheeses, food stands, spices, shoes, shirts, dresses, dishes, jewelery, electronics (not many though), dried fruits, nuts, seeds, art.  I spent over 2 hours there.  Once again, I walked, I stopped, I gawked.  No other gringos.  It was magic.  I immersed myself in all of it.  I have GOT TO LEARN Spanish!  There is just no way 'round it!

I hesitated and lingered in the artisan shops.  Fatal error.  Before I left home, I was looking for a little patio dress.  Something to just hang out in - morning and evening on the terrace.  Couldn't find anything.  Today, there it was.  Gorgeous, hand embroidered and black (I know it looks navy in the photo).  Lots of colour!  It makes my heart sing.  Cotton, comfortable, loose and cool! I'm hoping for warm weather any minute. 

Then I stumbled on hand made books.  Blank, made of hand made paper, primitively bound and hand painted.  I chose one with a watermelon on the front.   Whenever I was unwell in Mexico, 'Sandia' seemed to fix me up.  It's a nice symbol.  The text on the front states "Los malos tiempos han pasado ... El futuro ya llego."  Literally translated it means:  Bad weather has happened. The future already, I arrive.  The Senora at the market explained it more aptly means:  The past is gone ... the future is here and now.  So, with my philosophy of living in the moment, this seemed perfect.

On my way out the door, I passed through rows and rows of flowers. My feet slowed.  My body stopped. My mind raced.  So many different kinds.  So much abundance.  How will I choose?  Flowers have been on my mind since I got settled.  Craving! Longing! Needing!  Must have flowers.  So, in my hesitant, stammering, shameful gringo Spanish, the Senora and I managed to put a bouquet together.  I chose something beautiful, big and white which smells like freesia ... I think it must be related.  The entire house tonight smells exotic.  The smell reminds me of spring in Europe.  A beautiful armful of flowers,  which incidentally includes 5 roses, is $4.00 cdn.

That was my day.  I came home absolutely full to the brim.  It is OK flying solo today, I feel complete.  My soul is overflowing.  Obviously, I haven't been getting enough 'soul food' lately.  It feels sooooo good!

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Monday, January 11, 2010

Sun and partly cloudy.  Highs of 66 degrees F.

"If I could wish for my life to be perfect, it would be tempting, but I would have to decline.  For life would no longer teach me anything."  ~ Allyson Jones

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