January 12, 2010

Photo Walk, January 2010, San Miguel de Allende

A sizzling, inspiring walk today.  Filled with more deep earthy colours, textures, designs.  Again an abundance of "make my heart throb" architecture. What am I to do with all this!  It takes time to soak it into my cells.  Seeing and doing these things. It can seem somewhat surreal at times.  Flying Solo, with no partner to share, to speak with.  I wake up blurred and dreamy, looking for Habibi.  Kumquats on the tree, blossoms linger, fragrance is sweet.   Cactus gardens, burrows with their master, mules waiting in the square, windows, doors, arches.  All things beg to be decorated.  Textures are thick and rich, like quick sand.  I cannot wade though them without pausing to catch my breath.  Street people, blind, making their way. Such talent.  I shared with them 4 pesos. They sang for me ... and only me ... for fifteen minutes.  I leaned on the nearby stone wall and absorbed.  At last, I tear myself away.  Adios, until we meet again.  Warm and wonderful, Spanish guitar, sensuous voice, musicality simply in born.  This richness renders me speechless.  This tenderness touches my soul.  I walk home, peaceful and full.

Haiku for today:

I choke at lunch from
too much art in San Miguel
at dinner I swoon


Art is dined upon
here for lunch.  At dinner it
bites you in the ass

PS:  The very first thing I laid eyes on as I walked out of the courtyard were the burrows and their master.  I went straight for the borrows.  Some women would have headed for their master ... lol  My heart melted.  It turned to butter and spice and everything nice.  My tongue twisted and tied in my mouth. I fought hard not to end up as some gushie, gooshie idiot who could speak only gibberish while gaw gawing the borrows and wrapping my arms around wittle neckie poos, gazing into their big buutiful bwown eyes, patting their wittle headie poos and stuttering, Senor, Senor --- bonito, bonito. (probably an Italian word).  My brown eyes had turned to milk chocolate. I oooooood and awwwwwwwd and talked 'baby' at a ridiculous rate.  Nothing else would come out. Senor humored me and was very gently when he pried my arms from around their necks and pulled my hands away from the bridle, softly telling me "These burrows are mine!  Get your own burrows!"  Well, needless so say, after you have read this account .. you understand the burrows were the highlight of my day.  Can you take them as carry on baggage?   .... oh, no, I forgot!  Airport security is on high alert!  PPSS:  I just looked up 'bonito' in a Spanish dictionary.  It means 'tuna'.  Give me Strength!!!!!!!!

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Wednesday, January 13, 2010.

Mostly sunny with a slight chance of rain.  Highs near 65 degrees F.  Low of 34 degrees F. 

"Music connects people, heart to heart.  Music opens old locked doors.  Music crosses borders and needs no words.  Today, music opened a door for three people who had never met.  Inside was a beautiful courtyard."   ~    Donna Parker

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