January 4, 2010

* A Room with a View ...

This is my little living room.  What do you think?  I adore the colours.  It is soooo Mexican/Spanish.  I'm very comfortable here already.

This is a very old Casa.  I'm sure it is one of the originals in Centro.  I must find out.  Extensive renovations have been made to convert it into smaller casita accommodations.  It must have been quite a Casa in it's day!  The beams alone are incredible and give the place so much character.  I would say the floor has the original hand made Mexican tile which has been painted a lighter colour.  Sky lights have been added for additional sources of sunshine.  This certainly helps the indoor light situation.  Old colonial homes were often dark.  They were built entirely around a courtyard and usually only had windows along the wall facing into the central outdoor area.  Thus they could be quite lacking in natural light.

Check out what I feast my eyes upon from my windows and my balcony.  The view here faces the central courtyard which is very beautiful.  You can see how high up I am located.  Many steps down to street level.  Thirty to be exact.

I'm enjoying a very quiet peaceful day at 'home'.  Andre Bocelli is keeping me company with his beautiful voice.  I am unpacking, putting everything into the armoire and drawers.  I am beginning to feel completely at home.

The air is fresh here.  High, clear, mountain air.  No industry near to do damage.  Breathing, even though the air is thin, is wonderful!  The jade plants are in bloom.  The kumquat trees are bearing fruit.  There are still a few blossoms to give off their exotic sweet smell.

My now friend, May, whom I met through very serindipitous (I know, that's not a real word) circumstances was just here.  She delivered a huge bag of fresh strawberries.  I have them soaking in the bacterial wash, and will be nibbling shortly.  Also under her arm was a map of the area, and an English newspaper which keeps everyone up to date on what's on this week in SMA.  How lovely of her!  May told me this is the coldest day they have had since she arrived about a month ago.

That's about all for today.  Tomorrow I will venture out on the streets.  There will be actual news!

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende, Monday, January 4, 2010

A little chilly and windy.  High cloud cover has turned to late afternoon sunshine.  Probably about 55 degrees F.   The 10 day forecast is for more of the same.  YIKES!!  It's chilly.  Good thing I brought my warm sweater.

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