February 4, 2010

* Abstract?

OK, here we go again!  Today I threw paint, I splattered paint, I painted with my 'body', using my hand, wrist, shoulder, I rolled on paint, I dripped paint. I placed my energy right in front of me, on the paper! You name it, I did it.  I used every brush stroke I could think of.  It was all intuitive.  Pick your brushes.  Choose your colours.  Allow your hands to speak to you.  Your eyes are connected to your right brain, allow them to see.  

Now I am beginning to 'edit'.  Taking out parts I don't like, adjusting the values, the plains ... all the technical stuff.  I am learning abstract.  I told Nina, "I don't like abstract.".  Nina told me, "You are learning it anyway."  So ........ here we go.  Where it will end, no body knows.  The only thing I see in this piece is a cross and a face.  The rest will no doubt evolve.  I mentioned to Nina I really liked the face.   Nina told me .... "We might have to get rid of the face.  Nothing should be precious!"  Books came out.  Names were uttered in hushed reverence.  Names I had never heard before.  Pages flipped.  Nina gasped!  I was silent.  I didn't feel anything.  Jackson Pollock ... OK, thank heaven, a name I can relate to.  We continued into realms I had never ventured to before.  This is good for me. 

It rained all night.  Heavily.  Today I took a taxi to art class, wrapping my precious painting in plastic and stuffing it in my "Mexican portfolio" (a flattened cardboard box).  When I reached Nina's she answered the door in two heavy sweaters, scarf around her neck and heavy slacks.  "Aren't you cold?"  she exclaimed.  "No, I'm fine, I don't think I'm acclimatized to the weather as yet ... this seems normal to me."  The shock on her face was evident.  She muttered words like freezing, survival, and no dry wood in town, as we ascended the medieval staircase.   The room was cloudy grey from a chimney which was tired from taking smoke from the room. The fire simply smoldered.  There was no real flame.  I could see my breath.  Prince, her cat, sat close to the hearth and absolutely refused to go outside for potty.  Nina shared with me she had to splurge on kitty liter.  Nina is a surviver.  I have never, ever had to live like this.  How grateful I am.

By the time class was over the rain had subsided.  A break in the clouds on the horizon was evident.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be a gentler day.  There has been damage from the rain here in SMA.  People have had to leave their homes.  Ten years ago, heavy flooding damaged the city and caused loss of life.  People are comparing.
I walked home.  Slowly and carefully.  By the time I reached the top of the steady incline to the courtyard door and made my way up the 30 steps, I was tired.  I sat quietly, listening to piano music and enjoyed a glass of wine.

Plans for my little hacienda arrived this morning.  Only a few changes to be made.  Money should arrive tomorrow or Monday.  Things are moving forward.

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Friday, February 5, 2010

Feb 05

Hi: 63° 
Lo: 38°
Day: Sunny skies. High 63F, humidity 30%. Winds light. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 9
Night: Clear skies. Low 38F. Winds NE at 5 to 10 mph.
"Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed - after a while you may like it or you may not."
~ Jackson Pollock

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