February 16, 2010

* Art ....

I've been walking around town attempting to transport my paintings in my shopping bag.  Not a good idea.  Brainwave .... make a portfolio out of a cardboard box.   Cardboard box flattened, lots of masking tape, and plastic bags for handles wrapped in, again, masking tape.   It worked.  Pure class!  Since then I have been walking to and fro with what I refer to as my "Mexican Portfolio".  It's actually very functional.  Keeps my paintings flat, and when it's raining I can put them in a plastic bag in the portfolio which keeps them dry.  Looks like this.
The problem was .... I really hated the look of it.  Got the idea to collage it.  I've only finished one side, however, tomorrow, I can walk which the collaged side out.  Not so bad.  Looks like this.
At least it's more fun than before.  Not wanting to spend any money on this recyclable, biodegradable, portfolio, I went to the tourist information office.  They gave me brochures on San Miguel.  I have used the contents of these to cover one side.  I shall have to go in disguise next week and ask for more!

Tomorrow I am going to the "Tuesday Market".  I have not been there before because the time of my art class conflicts.  However, I have been invited by a lady here who is also renovating a house.  She has offered to take me to the market and then we are going to look at 'old doors' and have coffee!!  More Fun!  I've delayed my art class until 3:00 pm.

Speaking of which, I have done more work on my abstract.  I don't pretend to know what I am doing.  I am trying to balance the positive and negative space!  I think I might be getting it, however the big piece of red in the middle seems to be stopping my eye which I don't like.  I think perhaps if the bird was more dominate, more flamboyant (which I would like) it might balance the red bit!  I'm also debating whether the purple across the painting is cutting it in half!  I think I'm going to stop messing with it until class tomorrow.  Quit while it can (maybe) still be saved!  lol
Today when I was out beginning the procedure of obtaining my FM3 Visa to live here, it began to rain (illuvia).  Then it began to hail (granito).  I didn't stop on the way home to food.  I have one egg and some tortillas in the house.  Will I survive?  Will one egg and a tortilla be enough?  Will I grow weak in the night and not be able to get up in the morning?  Tune in tomorrow.  I'll keep you posted.  .... The saga continues .....

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 16

Hi: 68° 
Lo: 47°
Day: Cloudy with drizzle. High 68F, humidity 40%. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 9
Night: Cloudy skies. Low 47F. Winds light.

"Abstract art:  a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered."  ~  Al Capp    (that's how I feel ... it simply does not speak to me .... I don't get it!)

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