February 22, 2010

* Happy Birthday to May!

It was May's Happy Birthday day.  Turned out she was more or less sick as a dog, and didn't feel up to a party!  (:o(   ... so sad.  Instead of taking May out for a fabulous fish dinner at her favorite restaurant, Wendy arranged a gourmet cake and we all went to May's house.  The cake is very traditional Mexican and is made with three different kinds of milk.  It is so moist it simply disappears into the taste buds of your mouth while you swoon, ooooo and ahhhh.  Your mind disappears into some unknown land of cake ecstasy.  Extraordinary.  I don't dare get the receipe.

May was wrapped in the love of her friends in SMA and received loads of flowers, some wonderful miniature figurines to put in her infamous nichos, and a gorgeous shawl to warm herself in during the chilly spots of the long journey home.  May will be flying off in a week.  How quickly the time has gone.

Interesting tidbits:

All the different kinds of home made ice cream you can order at a stand in the park.  It is some of the most pallet tickling ice cream which has ever touched the tip of my tongue.  Better than Italian!

Many people here still get their shoes and boots polished.  I watched this fellow for at least 15 minutes and he was nowhere near finished.  It's like taking your car in to have it 'detailed'.

The 'Shoe Shine Senors' lined up in the Park.  Some awaiting customers.

A Mariachi Band waiting to play

The very first female Mariachi's I have ever seen.  Things are looking up.  This is still a very macho society.


Another beautiful hand carved door in the city of Delores Hidalgo

And so, another day has slipped away into the past.  I sauntered home from Mays enjoying every step.  Along the way an old court yard beckoned me in, and I enjoyed a delicious dinner of fresh jumbo prawns and wine. Birds snacked on crumbs of bread around my feet. I sat, relaxed and enjoying the ambiance of my surroundings. The trees, the birds, the waiters all in white, the soft music drifting in from behind the arches.  The days seem to come and go here, somehow undetected.  Dawn and dusk mingle together and night fades away to morning again like the seamless threads of a silkworm.  I am still enchanted.

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Tuesday,  February 23, 2010

Partly CloudyTue           Partly Cloudy      High of 78     Low of 39
Feb 23

"Old Time, that greatest and longest established spinner of all!.... his factory is a secret place, his work is noiseless, and his hands are mutes."  ~Charles Dickens

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