February 26, 2010

* Time Out

A new bouquet to brighten both our days.  Aren't they gorgeous.  I managed to have a 'do nothing' day because I felt 'crappy'.  I canceled the trip out of town to get appliances.  I managed to walk to the market for flowers (thought that would cheer me up), to the drug store for electrolites to drink, and to the produce store for fruit which I thought might give me some added nutrition as I was not at all hungry.

I trudged back up the hill to the casa, breathless and dizzy, made myself a hotwater bottle and climbed into bed.  Honestly, I spent most of the day sleeping.  Tonight I'm still not feeling 100%.  Hopefully tomorrow morning I will be raring to go.

In the morning Bill and I are going over to the house.  The wall is finished.  It will be fun to see what other progress has been made.

In the afternoon, May has invited me out to lunch.  I am meeting her at a lovely little restaurant called "Hecho Mexico" at 2:00 pm.

I have a few other errands to run.  Hope tomorrow goes better than the last couple of days.

The other day when I was walking it was interesting to note all the statues which look down upon me from roof tops.  I always feel like I am being observed, watched over, or taken care of in some way.  Odd feeling.  I snapped this shot.  Enjoy.  Look up .... look way up ....   Can you hear the music?

That will do it for today.  You, my dear Grumpy Marshall, are not even getting your weather report.  Take care.  Over and out . . .

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