March 18, 2010

* Art class Thursday ...

Had a great class today with Nina.  I never want to stop studying with her.  At least not for a very long time.  I am leaning so much.  A lot still to be done on this piece, however, I am determined to finish her before I return to Canada.

Just got home from dinner with Kathleen and Ivan.  Entertaining seems so easy here.  Drinks on the terrace ... absolutely no rush.  Chatting about metaphysical and spiritual subjects so dear to our hearts.  Where we've been, where we think we are headed. The work which has been done and continues to be done.  As Ivan said, it's so wonderful to meet a fellow traveler.  I agree.  A huge gift.  A variety of peppers and onions simmering on the stove. Cold chicken and pork, ... help yourself and heat if you like.  Baked potatoes.  Avocado and apples cut and put on the table.  Viola.  An absolutely wonderful evening ... no one fussing around .... everyone enjoying each others company.  A thoroughly enchanting evening.

Yesterday had a meeting with Carlos the Contractor.  Gave him the tiles I had chosen for the bathroom.  We also went and chose fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom, so that is all done.  I now am going to choose paint for inside/outside.  They don't have sample paint chips as we know them.  I have to go into the paint shop on Saturday about noon,  give them a deposit of $30.00 and they will loan me their sample book until Monday.

This morning at the crack of dawn I had to revisit the photographer, as my photographs for my FM3 visa were rejected by immigration.  Today, I was told to 'gel' my hair back.  Every hair has to be off your face, you cannot have any ornamentation on, jewelery, glasses, etc.  After I saw the result of those photos, ... well, they say plastic surgery is very reasonably priced here!  Cancel the roof on the house and take care of my double chin!!!  I think the photo's were accepted, so hopefully, I will have my FM3 in about 5 days.  Cutting it close isn't it!

The concrete roof for the rest of the house is going to be poured next week which will be very interesting to watch.  All hard labour.  I will be there with my camera. 

Yesterday I took a few photos of the progress.
My cantera pillar is being erected on the terrace.

The pillar comes in pieces.  It is made of cantera stone.  It's assembled, tied together and manually filled with cement.  This stone is local and used in abundance here.  It is quite expensive.  I was going to have a concrete pillar here, and have it plastered.  This is Juan Carlos' house warming gift to me.   Such a beautiful gift.

This is the view of the house from the garden side.  There will be two juliet balconies with double doors where the big opening in the wall are here.  The doors will open out so as not to impede space in doors.  The balconies will have wrought iron railings.

This five gallon pail is full of cement.  Not an easy task.  They are filling up the corner supports for the house, one five gallon bucket at a time.

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Thursday, March 18, 2010

❤  I can't find the weather forecast for tomorrow, however, I do know it's going to be another perfect day in San Miguel.  nite nite everyone .... too tired to look for a quote!

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