March 3, 2010

* Ecstasy

ECSTASY: A feeling when you feel you are going to feel a feeling you have never felt before.

Funny.  This definition of ecstasy just flew in as part of an email from a dear friend.  I thought, Good Grief Charlie Brown ..... I'm having some of that!  It's Ecstasy!  That's what it is.  ECSTASY!  I haven't had this feeling since I fell in love.  It's a shock!  It's a great surprise.  I'm over the moon.  I'm flying solo and loving it!  This life experience which I have worked so hard to grow into is absolutely AMAZING!

I'll stop babbling!

Met Juan Carlos and Carlos at the house early this morning.  More changes in the wind.  More surprises .... I hope.  I will let you know tomorrow.  No decisions were made today.

Work is progressing well.  All my men are so 'happy'.  When I entered the building this morning one of them was singing very loudly and with much gusto.  It sounded so great.  The energy in my little casita is  fantastic.  A few more photos.

Hola Mistro!
Plastering the Kitchenette area.  It's gonna be tight!

Retaining wall being built.
All the old plaster is off the house.  Yard is cleaned up.  Holes are dug for the pillars for the terrace.  Looking good!
Cast your eyes to the right of the photograph.  See the little brick and wood structure.  Notice wood covered in cardboard constructs a make shift sliding door.  This is the Bano (Bathroom).  The men built it for themselves.  It is connected to the sewer with temporary pipes.  No big equipment rolling up unloading porta toilets for these boys.
  Caught Carlos, my foreman, by surprise!  
YEAH!  Get to ride in a Mini Cooper.  Haven't done that since I lived in Britain.  Too much fun.  They make them with all the bells and whistles now .... and a sun roof.

After I have these early morning meetings at the house, and am dropped off closer to town, I have taken to walking to the Jardin for breakfast.  I have fallen in love with a small restaurant which is open to the air.  Such an exquisite way to begin my day.  I sit there in the sun, drinking fresh squeezed orange juice, or eating fresh papaya drizzled with fresh lime, watching the world go by, pondering the history of this city, the lives of those who walk by me, the young man who approaches me through the open window to buy a hat, or the old senor who offers me fresh picked strawberries from a huge hand woven basket.  Somehow this part of the world is so much more real to me.  It's hard to explain.  This is the view from my breakfast table.
The buildings around the Jardin today are of course mostly shops, restaurants, banks, tourist information centers, etc.  This was not always so.  These were homes.  People built these beautiful structures for their country retreats.  Yes, they were wealthy.  Yes, they gave a lot of that wealth back to the community.  These are not cold impersonal buildings. Families lived there.  They housed the personal belongings handed down from generation to generation.  Furniture was constructed especially for these homes.  Fabric and rugs were woven to order.  Seamstresses were employed, housekeepers, cooks, gardeners, builders, repair men, childrens' nurses, doctors and teachers were all employed to help run the households.  To keep a house in order and running well in those days was like running a small business today.  You had to pay attention.  Children played in their courtyards, spectacular meals were prepared in their kitchens, dinner parties were given, weddings, birthday celebrations, Easter, Christmas.  All the celebrations of life.  Babies were born in these homes.  Granny's and Grandpa's passed away in these home.  Funerals and prayer services were held in these homes.  Many would have contained their own private chapel.  These buildings hold within their walls the energy of every person who ever stepped foot over the threshold, and every person who ever lived there.  When you think about it, it's fairly amazing. 

My Muse got carried away there.  These are the sorts of things which go on in my wee brain.

Sylvia invited me over for dinner tonight.  Her friend MaryKatherine was there as well.  You know, I feel sooo at home here.  Like San Miguel and it's people are embracing me, loving me up, and turning me out into the streets with a big smile on my face.  A friend of mine always said 'you can't choose who you call in love with.'  Well I guess you can't choose 'where you fall in love with' either. All I know is .... I love this town!  I do think SMA attracts certain groups of people .... very different people.  People who have Gypsy in their soul, people who have a need to experience other cultures and ways of life.  I felt so comfortable and so very blessed tonight.  The three of us had a lovely meal together, shared stimulating conversation, laughed loudly, got excited over future road trips, became hysterical over decorating our houses (MaryKatherine is moving to a new place soon) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tonight we referred to ourselves as "Women of a Certain Age" and drank a toast to that.  I truly believe freedom comes to women of a certain age.  We no longer a very concerned with what others think of us.  We become much more true and authentic to ourselves.  It is truly refreshing.

So pleased to have met you MaryKatherine.  Thanks for a wonderful evening, Sylvia.  Enjoyed your company so much.

I took photos tonight.  I think my auto setting on the camera was off .... so photos are not at all good.  Even the colour is off.  Sylvia, you are going to shoot me!  I'll make up for it I promise.  How about a special photo shoot of your beautiful home for my blog?  Think about it.  These photos are all I have to celebrate our night together ... so I'm putting them out there anyway.
Sylvia and MaryKatherine putting the final touches on a wonderful dinner.
A beautiful table set.
Sylvia and I
Sylvia and MaryKatherine

Are you curious about Sylvias' big pots????  Yes, they got delivered and here they are.
Benjie thinks they are pretty cool. 

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Thursday, March 4th 2010.

Mar 05

Hi: 75° 
Lo: 47°
Cloudy skies. High 75F and low 47F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 11

"When men reach their sixties and retire, they go to pieces. Women go right on cookin'."  ~ Gail Sheehy

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