March 30, 2010

* Flying Solo Tomorrow

No doubt about it.  There has been a shift.  A Quantum Leap.  How I love those quantum leaps which propel me forward over deep caverns, roaring rivers, dangerous high peaks, turbulence and allow me to softly touch down in just the right spot, a woman forever changed.  This is what has occurred in the past three months.  I have truly been lifted up and am so very grateful.

Last day to meet with Carlos, Juan Carlos, and to see 'all my men' working on the house.  My sojourns to observe the process will be missed.

Lessons in Construction 
Today, Juanmanuel was plastering the ceiling.  There is a definite knack to plastering a ceiling in this part of the world.  I was standing close up to observe, and Juanmanual asked me to step back.  He then picked up just the right amount of plaster on a large palate knife and threw it at the ceiling, quickly followed by short rhythmic strokes to smooth it out.  After a few of these were done, it was followed by a large two by four to run over the plaster to take the rough spots off, and level it out.  Very interesting to observe.  I must find out how to use the video on my camera.  It was like he was working to music.
How to Build a Platform
Find some of the forms which were used for pouring the roof cement.  Stand them on their edge at various places in the room.  On top of those place long two by fours.  Over that lay wide flat boards with a certain space between them so you may fall through to the floor, should you so desire.  Do not nail anything down.  Nothing must be secure.  There you go.  Walk on it, work on it. Dance on it if you feel like it. It's fabulous!

How to Build a Fireplace
Have someone artistic (just about anyone here) draw a fireplace on the wall to the specifications which Senora wishes.  Build the fireplace around the drawing.  There.  Another project done!

How to Build a House in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
So many people are to be thanked for the success of this project.  Marijo, without whom I never would have laid eyes on the property.  Bill, my beloved real estate agent who has done everything you can imagine for me without being asked. Pat Robinson, who owns this beautiful place, "Casitas Aparicio", where I have felt so very at home and embraced by my beautiful surroundings.  All the people and friends who have supported me, and have been so happy for me throughout this entire project.  You have also allowed me to 'share' my experiences.  One of my fears of flying solo.  You are all huge gifts!  How easy you all have made it for me! 

Buying this lot and building this Casa has been a very easy, fun project.  Credit must be given to Valdis Architectos owned and operated by Juan Carlos Valdis.  Juan Carlos has made himself available to me whenever I needed him.  I would do it all over again. I honestly wish I could build another house right away I am having so much fun!  Carlos, my foreman has been a huge gift.  The team of men working on my home ... what can I say.  Incredible, happy, hard working, reliable, understanding, love music and love to sing.  How great is that! 
 My men, when we first began the project.
Carlos, Moi, and Juan Carlos today, after our last meeting and 'walkabout'.

And so, tonight all is right with my world. The stars are aligned.  Tomorrow I will be 'flying solo' with a much different feeling in my heart than when I came.   I have been standing under a shower of Blessings.

Grumpy Marshall Weather Forecast for San Miguel de Allende for Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hi: 82° 
Lo: 54°
Day: Sunny skies. High 82F, humidity 15%. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 13
Night: Clear skies. Low 54F. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice."  ~Meister Eckhart

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