March 10, 2010

* Too tired to blog...

I'm not quite sure what went down.  I simply couldn't do it.  Had to go to bed.  Even this morning when I had an early meeting at the house, it was very difficult to get up.  Tonight I am still tired.. blah, blah blah.

My very first comida was so much fun.  As you already know I simply adore Blanca and Cavanaugh.  I would say we are 'stuck with each other' now.  They will be here until June, so will be able to attend my house warming party!!  I took photos.
Blanca and I.  Isn't she lovely!

Cavanaugh.  The sun was really really in our eyes!

They arrived bearing gifts.  Beautifully wrapped in bright orange and pink with ribbon of black with enormous pink poka dots.  That nearly did me in, 'cause you know how I am about colour.  Inside was a crystal ice bucket with "Our Lady of Guadalupe" on it.  Little did they know, Our Lady is very close to my heart, ever since I saw the shroud in the Basilica in Mexico City 20 years ago.  It is indeed a very special gift.  And .... the first thing I have received to take with me to my new home!

It will be gorgeous for many things, ice, flowers, candy .....

I made a new salad to go with the Tunisian garbonzo stew and brown rice I was serving.  Cooked beets, chilled, peeled and sliced thin.  Avacado sliced thin.  Pecans scattered here and there.  Chunks of goats cheese everywhere.  Do not toss.  Just layer it.  Drizzle balsamic vinegar and olive oil over the top.  Delicious!

Well, I had a whole bunch more written, however, due to 'technical difficulty' it has disappeared.  So, that is all for tonight folks.  See you tomorrow.  Hopefully, I will be back up and at it.  Art class tomorrow!  nite nite.

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