March 2, 2010

* Women on a Mission

Comonfort. A small town near SMA.  Known for its terra cotta pots.  For women on a mission, who obviously want terra cotta pots, it is a gold mine.  There is absolutely nothing like a woman on the hunt for an item she really wants.  Sylvia is no exception!  In fact, she is amazing to watch.  Much like an olympian, she envisions her goal and goes after it. Her eyes glaze over, she is driven, and she's off.  Price is a factor.  Sylvia is a skilled negotiator.

I met Sylvia's dear friend Marcella today.  They have been friends for some time and work well together in the shopping department.  Did you know you can either shop with someone or you can't?  It's either fun or it isn't?  You either like the same types of things or you don't?  We all find our 'shopping partners' in life.  These two woman are meant for each other!  Today, though, it was Sylvias' day ... we just went along to browse.  Of course, my little eyes are darting everywhere, mind is on fast forward and creative ideas are flowing.  The next trip to Comonfort when I return, I will be looking for pots for my little place.  How exciting.

It seems to me, price is the key here.  At home, some of these huge pots would be $125.00 or more.  Here, in this small town, under $25.00.  For that price they will deliver to SMA.  Sylvia's are arriving tonight and they are hauling them up to her roof garden.  Service!  Photos of our wonderful day follow.  Women on a mission.
There were colourful roof gardens with the laundry hung out.
A stone house, spiral stair case, and everything imaginable hanging from the walls.
Our first stop.  They are focused!
We've been a few places and seen pots we like.  This is our second visit to this shop.  The pace quickens!
  Nice fountains for my little yard.
Fireplaces, pillars, windows, Our Lady of Guadalaupe, angels, house numbers, finials ... hmmm ...
Another pot place.  Sylvia's negotiating hard.  (Blue dot in the back)
No, this place is definitely better.  Sylvia is serious now!  I browse.
You know how I love Fleurs!  Mental note for later.
Kitty dozing in the sun, curled up in a fountain.  How lovely.
Mr. Rooster.  Oh so very handsome, standing on a big pot.
OOOoooo.  More Fleurs!  Sylvia in background, hands on hips.  You don't mess with a woman with her hands on her hips!
Puppies eating cactus?
Puppies that want to come home with us.  
A whole pile of pots.  Silvia is still negotiating!  Doing well!
I think Marcella may be giving life lessons to our young and interesting driver, Richie.
Then, suddenly, we are all done.  Up one side of the street, and down the other, into all the shops, some of them twice.  Great day!  Sylvia got everything she wanted.  Three large pots for her roof,  two smaller window sill pots,  three pots for her fountain, two gorgeous candle holders.  Both Marcella and Sylvia brought home the most efficient little BBQ's.  Actually, they are 'street stoves' here.  Very portable!

A very enjoyable day.  I hope we will do it again.  So nice to meet you Marcella!

Grumpy Marshall Weather Report for San Miguel de Allende for Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mar 03

Hi: 79° 
Lo: 46°
Day: Sunny skies. High 79F, humidity 15%. Winds WSW at 10 to 15 mph. Air Quality: NA, UV Index: 11
Night: Clear skies. Low 46F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.
"If men liked shopping, they'd call it research."
-- Cynthia Nelms

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