April 30, 2010

* Sort of slowing down ...

It's been such a wonderful day.  I'm feeling like the little sculpture above.  I have taken a giant leap of faith and everything has turned out just as it should be.   Sylvia has given me such a 'soft place to fall'.  I have been thinking, and I believe this must have been pre-programmed as well.  When I think of going to my little Quinta de Luz in the middle of the night, alone with Habibi, nothing but a bed I wonder if it may have been difficult and felt very strange.  Although I was so excited to do just that, now when I ponder what it might have been like, being with the lovely Sylvia is such a gift and has given me time to adjust to de Luz, have the finishing touches done, have shelving built so I can unpack, buy a wardrobe so I can hang up my cloths.  All these wonderful things can almost be in place, instead of stumbling into a cold, dark, strange place in the dead of night.  Such warmth, hospitality and support.  Thank you, Sylvia.

This morning I went to Centro to do a few little errands.  First stop, Juans' Cafe, "Etc." for a huge cup of cappuccino.  While reading the paper and enjoying the beautiful morning sunshine under an umbrella a woman came in and asked if she could join me.  Naturally, I said "Of course, this is San Miguel."  She is an artist who teaches encaustics.  Fate has stepped in again.  I was just discussing this with my friend in Alberta while I was in Canada.  She is taking an encaustics class at U of A.  It sounded fabulous and had always interested me.  I was looking for a teacher.  We spent a wonderful hour chatting and getting acquainted while Juan ground two kinds of coffee beans for me and mixed them together.  On my way out the door I bumped into another woman artist whom they are including in a book about the Artists of San Miguel.  All in all, the magic is back ... I can feel it .. I can taste it ... all is well in my world!  Big breath .... AHHhhhh!

Wandered over to the artisans market to look for a gift for another friend who is having a "Fiesta", house warming tomorrow.  As she now has balconies and is hunting down plants I chose two brightly coloured telavera planters for the wall.  I hope they are pleasing to her.  There will be more about the Fiesta tomorrow.  I'm ready for a party!
Sauntered home after lunch, tended to some business regarding the house and took the rest of the day off.  It felt good to 'just be'.  I'm trying, Ivan and Kathleen!  I have visions of you on 'our' terrace at Aparacio.  Getting better, pocco a pocco.  : o )

This evening we dined on the terrace outdoors.  Had fresh shrimp stir fry on rice.  Sylvia has a stash of 90% dark chocolate which we consume slowly, in small bits for dessert.  It is amazingly wonderful, satisfying and does not leave you craving more as there is hardly any sugar in it.  Made by Lindt.  Try some.

In my room at Sylvias, there is a lovely old painting.  While admiring it today, I realized it is painted from a vantage point very close to this house.  I will leave you with the 'old' San Miguel.  

When researching quotes on "Finding ones' place of belonging" tonight, I fell upon this one.  It is exactly the way I feel at this very moment in my life.

I've left Bethlehem
and I feel free...
I've left the girl I was supposed to be
and some day I'll be born.
~Paula Cole

* Second Day Home ..

I am very tired today.  Can't understand it. ; o )  I think my body is trying to tell me to slow down for a little while.  I am going to follow orders.

Had a meeting with Carlos the foreman this morning.  De Luz was a very busy place today.  The 500 gallon cistern has arrived.  They are having trouble digging it into the ground because they have hit rock.  Instead, we are going to build a terrace over the top.  I think it will look gorgeous.  The terrace will come off of the juliet balcony nearest the wall.  As soon as I have the drawings and approve them, we will begin.  Estimated completion date .... probably 4 weeks now with the terrace added.

Habibi in his new home for the first time.
The yard was a beehive of activity.
The front wall being plastered.

Then ... because I am going to slow down now ... we went shopping.  To antique shops! Here's what I found.
A wardrobe.  I will have a place to hang my cloths!

A Table.  This old door will be modified.  Love the colours.  It will brighten my kitchen.

AND ... a little old piggy trough.  So many possibilities, I dare not think.  A planter, a window box, a table with glass on top ... that way you could fill it up with flowers, collections, writing .... who knows!  Don't know exactly where it will end up yet, however, it will be special.

Now for the views from Sylvias' roof.

The light purple colour in the trees are the Jacaranda.  Late blooming this year, they waited for my return.  One of my favorite trees in the world.  Fell in love with them first in Mexico, then again in Australia.  Magnificent colour.

Watching the moon rise over the hills of San Miguel was breath taking.  Pure Magic.  How do you put that into words?  I think perhaps this sums it up for me. 

"Death is always on the way, but the fact that you don't know when it will arrive seems to take away from the finiteness of life. It's that terrible precision that we hate so much. But because we don't know, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. Yet everything happens a certain number of times, and a very small number, really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, some afternoon that's so deeply a part of your being that you can't even conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four or five times more. Perhaps not even. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless."   ~  Paul Bowles

April 29, 2010

* First day home ....

Couldn't seem to rest today.  Just kept putzing.  Got up about 9:00 am.  Had lovely fruit salad which Sylvia had already prepared and a strong cup of coffee.  Yum!

Later on we walked over to de Luz.  Many men were there today.  The place was hopping.  I think knowing I was arriving home, and a 'spur you on' e-mail from me has given the project a shot in the arm.  Perhaps one and one half weeks ... which definitely means two weeks Mexican time ... perhaps I will be moving in.

Took some photographs.  They have begun to paint the outside.  It is just as I had dreamed.  I'm in love.  The inside yellow is not quite what I had in mind.  It will probably need a glaze to get the effect I want.

 The old Hacienda doors have arrived.  They will be made into one door for the bathroom.  That was supposed to have been done when they were delivered.  Will work that one out this week.  Still in love with the doors.

Later, we had a lovely dinner for two on the terrace.  Spent some time on the roof terrace watching the sun go down and the moon come up.  Did I tell you there are three dogs here???  Yes, Paloma, the white pit bull, Benji, the cute one, and Habibi.  They are becoming good friends.  It's going to be great - they can play together.
See you tomorrow.

April 28, 2010

* We are HOME!

Yes, we made it!  Arrived at Sylvia's about midnight after a longish road trip from Mexico City by car.  It was good to do it all in one day though.  It feels so good to be home.  I can't tell you.  I don't understand it myself.  The energy changes here.  It's calmer.  I feel at peace.  Very hard to explain.  I guess that's what happens when you find 'home' even for a moment.

Habibi is my Hero.  He traveled beautifully.  When he arrived in Mexico City he was a little frantic when he saw me.  I was not allowed to let him out of the cage until he went through 'doggie inspection'.  I produced the proper papers and after about 15 minutes he given the OK to come to Mexico.  After that, he was amazing.  In the car, he simply curled up on my lap and went to sleep.  Today, he is adjusting to everything new and making friends with Sylvias' two dogs, Paloma and Benjie.

Saying good bye to Canada was not difficult.  I always felt I was born on the wrong continent.  I have often felt more home sick for Europe than I ever had for Canada.  Odd isn't it.

Flew out of Vancouver International in the mist, thinking to myself.  "This isn't a holiday, Donna.  You won't be back."  I don't know if that is true in the 'forever' picture, however, it is certainly true for now.  If anything, I will miss the ocean and our beautiful Islands.  The West Coast has been a spectacular place to experience.  Took some photos on the way out ...

And then .... the coastline disappeared.  Magnificent puffy white clouds became my landscape.
And then Mexico .. just over the border.
The beginning of the Mexico City area.
And, lastly, the full moon rising over the tragic smog of Mexico City.  They did build in a 'bowl'.  Not such a good idea after all.

Once on the ground, all seems clear.  Amazing.  The full moon dazzled me with her presence, and the warm welcome from the heavens.  

The drive home was interesting.  Most of the way, it's a three lane divided toll highway.  Believe me, you do not dawdel.  To do so would be life threatening.  We stopped to pay tolls three or four times.  Being witness for the first time to this heavy truck traffic was shocking.  I had no idea.  The entire country transports by eighteen wheeler.  If I'm correct, they all hit the roads at night to avoid heavy car traffic.  I must have passed and met one thousand trucks in about three hours.  Mexico has changed in the last 20 years.  No longer old trucks, spewing and sputtering, with pigs and chickens hanging precariously from the slats on the back.  These are brand new huge eighteen wheelers - some double train.  Absolutely stunned.  I remember the UK had heavy truck traffic which amazed me in the 90's, but this .... no comparison.  Solid bumper to bumper on both sides of the highway.  It was an experience.   Decision made.  No driving to Mexico City at night.

This morning, Sylvia and I walked over to Quinta de Luz.  We live about at 10 minute walk from each other which is lovely.  Much progress has been made.  Pictures tomorrow.

April 26, 2010

* Well ....

Didn't quite make it.  ALMOST made it.  Very very close.  In fact, I was sitting in the lounge waiting to be boarded when two Mexicana employees approached.  Short version ... "The heater in the cargo hold is not working.  We cannot fly your dog to Mexico City."

So, again, short story, here we sit for another night.  Mexicana cannot guarantee they will be able to fly Habibi tomorrow.  They will not make a commitment until the plane gets here at noon and they double check the cargo hold.

Did you realize once you are through security on an international flight, you are 'out of your country of origin'?  That means you must fill out declaration customs forms to get back into Canada, go through immigration and customs, collect your bags, have them screened and inspected.  They inspect your dog, even though he just left five minutes ago and ask for his papers.  It took 1 1/2 hours for re-entry.  Even though I never left the airport, it was a very long day.

It's funny, I have received so many wonderful comments from all of you.  In your hearts you 'know' I am already home.  Not quite.  You can do it all again tomorrow ... I will really need it.  xx

I changed a few things in my luggage.  Put a bag of 'heavy stuff' in another suitcase and checked it through to make my carry on a little lighter.  The 'heavy stuff' included my toothbrush, hairspray, and other items which might assist a girl in looking her best.  I may arrive home looking like a waif.

It's raining.  Habibi has to go potty.  Habibi has to go potty outside.  My hair is already flat and I figure it's only going to go down hill from here.  Does the spa at the hotel sell hair spray, you ask?  No.  I called.  The only shop where I could get such things is a 15 minute walk to the other end of the airport. My body is already aching from the workout today.  Is it worth it?  Perhaps in the morning.  Tonight, there is a huge jetted tub with baths salts which is calling my name.

Have any of you been through Vancouver Air Port?  Are you familiar with Bill Reids' work.  He was a sculpter.  His huge work 'Spirit of Haidi Guaii' is a prominent part of this building. The original is in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC.   It takes my breath away.  Absolutely stunning, spectacular, awe inspiring and mysterious. I can 'feel' it.  It moves me. In my mind, I'm in the canoe with them on their voyage.  I thought you might be interested.

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii
by Bill Reid
Here we are at last, a long way from Haida Gwaii, not too sure where we are or where we’re going, still squabbling and vying for position in the boat, but somehow managing to appear to be heading in some direction; at least the paddles are together, and the man in the middle seems to have some vision of what is to come.
As for the rest, they are superficially more or less what they always were, symbols of another time when the Haidas, all ten thousand of them, knew they were the greatest of all nations.
The Bear, as he sits in the bow of the boat, broad back deflecting any unfamiliar, novel or interesting sensation, eyes firmly and forever fixed on the past, tries to believe that things are still as they were. The Bear Mother, being human, is looking over his shoulder into the future, concerned more with her children than with her legend. After all, they wandered in from another myth, the one about Good Bear and Bad Bear and how they changed, so she has to keep a sharp eye on them.
Next, doughtily paddling away, hardworking if not very imaginative, the compulsory Canadian content, big teeth and scaly tail, perfectly designed for cutting down trees and damming rivers.
And here she is, still the ranking woman of noble birth, yielding no place to the pretty Bear Mother. In spite of her great cheeks like monstrous scars, her headdress reflecting the pointed shape of the dogfish head, and her grotesque labret – in spite of all these, the most desirable and fascinating woman from myth-time. More magical than the Mouse Woman, as mysterious as the deep ocean waters which support the sleek, sinuous fish from whom she derives her power, Dogfish Woman stands aloof from the rest, the enormous concentration of her thoughts smouldering smoke dreams behind her inward-looking eyes.
Tucked away in the stern of the boat, still ruled by the same obsession to stay concealed in the night shadows and lightless caves and other pockets of darkness, in which she spends her immortality, the Mouse Woman lost her place among the other characters of her own myth, an important part of the Bear Mother story, and barely squeezed in at the opposite end of the boat, under the tail of the Raven. No human, beast or monster has yet seen her in the flesh, so she may or may not look like this.
Not so the Raven. There is no doubt what he looks like in this myth-image: exactly the same as he does in his multiple existences as the familiar carrion bird of the northern latitude of the earth. Of course he is the steersman. So, although the boat appears to be heading in a purposeful direction, it can arrive anywhere the Raven’s whim dictates.
A culture will be remembered for its warriors, artists, heroes and heroines of all callings, but in order to survive it needs survivors. And here is our professional survivor, the Ancient Reluctant Conscript, present if seldom noticed in all the turbulent histories of men on earth. When our latter-day kings and captains have joined their forebears, he will still be carrying on, stoically obeying orders and performing the tasks allotted to him. But only up to a point. It is also he who finally says, “Enough!” And after the rulers have disappeared into the morass of their own excesses, it is he who builds on the rubble and once more gets the whole thing going.
The Wolf of the Haidas was a completely imaginary creature, perhaps existing over there on the mainland, but never seen on Haida Gwaii. Nevertheless, he was an important figure in the crest hierarchy. Troublesome, volatile, ferociously playful, he can usually be found with his sharp fangs embedded in someone’s anatomy. Here he is vigorously chewing on the Eagle’s wing while that proud, imperial, somewhat pompous bird retaliates by attacking the Bear’s paws.
That accounts for everybody except the Frog who sits partially in and partially out of the boat and above the gunwales: the ever-present intermediary between two of the worlds of the Haidas, the land the sea.
So there is certainly no lack of activity in our little boat, but is there any purpose? Is the tall figure who may or may not be the Spirit of Haida Gwaii leading us, for we are all in the same boat, to a sheltered beach beyond the rim of the world as he seems to be, or is he lost in a dream of his own dreamings? The boat moves on, forever anchored in the same place.
The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe by Bill Reid. Collection of the Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR), Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bill McLennan.
The Raven and the First Men Xhuwaji / Haida Grizzly Bear The Spirit of Haida Gwaii Mythic Messengers
© Copyright 2008 Bill Reid Foundation.

* We're OFF!

OK Habibi, today we are going on a long plane ride to live in Mexico.

So .... how do you feel about that??

See you all later after we have had some nap time.

April 25, 2010

* Last Day to Make Hay

You know the old saying, "Make hay while the sunshines.".  Well, this was my last day, my last chance, my last hurrah!  Get it done or leave it lying on Diane's floor.  I was motivated.  I was driven. In the last two days, I've re packed fifteen boxes, tapped, numbered, labeled, made lists of their contents, and filled out the forms for Canada Post and US customs.  I was completely done (in more ways than one) by exactly 6:00 pm.  Diane reved the truck.  (She's good at that.)  She's had enough.  Roaring it up  to the side entrance we huffed and puffed our way from her suite to the truck, one bloody box at a time.  The large ones took two of us to carry.  Putting pedal to the metal, she blazed a trail to Country Grocer who has a post office.  In their parking lot, we struggled with grocery carts who had a mind of their own and wandered off among the cars if we didn't hang on to them.  We huffed and puffed and loaded those damn carts, one box at a time.  Wheeling them into the store, avoiding other more gentle, less motivated shoppers, we balanced large boxes which didn't quite fit in the cart, while keeping a smile pasted on our faces and murmuring polite, excuse me's and I'm sorry's.  Grace held us together, we didn't faulter on this last task.  We kept our cool, our patience and our sense of humour.  (Who's Grace you may ask? ....  : o )  The Canada Post women who assisted in weighing, measuring, labeling and stamping these boxes were angels.  Not a glitch in the system.  The waters were smooth as glass.  We repeated this entire process four times.  On the fourth return home, we went straight to the fridge, and yes, that was a cork you heard pop!  Our completion time was 7:45 pm.  Happy hour had resumed for another day.  Better late than not at all.  We looked at each other, surprised.  Suddenly, we both realized this was our last happy hour together.  Bitter sweet.

Tomorrow, I have to take the rented car back.  Pack my small suitcase.  Get my paper work, e-tickets, money, passport, FM3, doggie health certificates all in order for easy access.  My plane leaves for Vancouver at 5:00 pm.

Physically, I am a mess. Mentally, I am somewhat numb.  I am so much more balanced now, however, stress I still have some issues with stress.   I open the fridge door and pull up a chair.  I have gained at least 20 pounds.  It feel like rolly and polly, the twins.  It's not comfortable.  I am not comfortable .... oh, did I say that?  My nails are broken, chipped, short and dirty.  Old nail polish clings here and there.  Why don't they have a spa on these long flights?  I need a hair cut.  I look 10 years older than when I arrived (at which time I looked 10 years younger).  Now I look exactly my age ..... did you get that?  I did manage to colour my hair (top secret of course) late this evening before I went to bed.  It's now 3:00 am in the morning ... I'm wide awake and there is no one to dance with!  Damn!

Habibi knows something is afoot.  For every step I take, he takes two. His big brown eyes lock with mine and question me.  He's like glue.  A lovely little pot of white glue.

Tomorrow night I stay at the Fairmont Airport.  I'm having dinner with an old and dear friend.  It will be fun.  The next day I fly out around noon, arriving in Mexico City at 8:00 pm.  After customs, a driver is meeting us to take us straight home.  It will probably be a 4 hour drive at night.  As you know, Quinta de Luz is not ready.  We will be staying in Sylvia's guest room, in her beautiful home.  Her guest room has it's own private terrace with a fountain.  Bliss.  I'll keep you posted.  By the way, do they have a happy hour on the airplane?  I think I will recommend it.  Two for one from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm.  Just what they need, a plane full of drunks at 38,000 ft.!

 'Aunty Diane' with the 'baby' shortly after arriving from Mexico.

Habibi, Aunty Diane and Tippie Girl. 

April 23, 2010

Bewitched, Bothered and Belwidered ...

And, believe me, the tripple B thing is not happening because I have fallen in love.  What a day this has been ... sorry, these show tunes just keep coming into my head!  My morning bagan with such peace and tranquility. A freshly brewed coffee in my hand, a cheerful outlook on life, and hope for a steadily paced day ahead ... nothing frantic.  Then I called Greyhound Express to come and pick up my 6 pieces of luggage and deliver them to my hotel in Vancouver.  Earlier in the week they had quoted me $160.00 for almost 500 pounds, door to door.  Not too bad I thought.  "Just make sure you call us before 3:00 pm and we'll be there for you.  Delivered within 24 hours."  So I called, leisurely dialing while sipping my coffee.  Ahhhh, looking forward to a day when I'll just putz at doing the last minute things.  "Greyhound Express" a voice answers.  "Good morning I cherp, while explaining my request.  "Can't help you there." ... the answer ecoes through the lines.  "We don't deliver on weekends."  Dead silence on my end.  My coffee isn't tasting so good anymore.  What to do, What do to!!  It would have been lovely had they shared this information with me when I went over my requirements earlier in the week. 

Contacted FedEx.  "Yes, of course Madam.  We are there for you 24/7, 7 days a week.  We do charge extra for delivery on a Saturday, however it will only be $495.00 for the 7 pieces."  I gulp down a very hot sip ... and choke out my answer.  "That will be fine."  At this point what choice to I have!!  I get all seven peices labeled and lined up at the door.  They are coming within the hour.

THEN .... I call FedEx again to confirm they are coming for my boxes on Saturday and confirm rates, etc.  I had also spoken with them earlier in the week and they had explained everything.  Ground to Texas.  Today, I was hearing a slightly different story.  "What are you shipping Madam?"  "Personal effects and household goods, all used."  "Personal effects have to be shipped by air."  I am now sitting there holding my head not my cup.  "Why?", I ask hesitantly, not really wanting to know, but simply checking to make sure he knows what he's talking about.  "It's the law", he says calmly.  No personel effects via ground.  I'm on the verge of tears.  He gives me a quote.  $2,500.00.  (and don't forget, that's only to Texas, I still have to have it hauled into Mexico by a customs agent).  OK, my voice is shakey, my brain completely scattered.  I'm not thinking clearly at this point.  I make arrangments to have the items picked up Monday (I won't even be here.)

After I hang up, my little brain swings back into the land of the living.  What law ... what's he talking about.  Surely we can still ship household belongings by ground ... something a little fishy here.  Back on the blower --- same guy ... "What is this law, what does it state, and who's law is it?  Is it the United States law?"  "No, he replies meakly ... It's FedEx law".  I hear a click.  It is my finger pushing down the 'hang up' button.  I didn't want to render the poor twit hard of hearing by banging the receiver in my ear.

Consequently, I called Canada Post.  Now I have to haul all the boxes over to the post offices.  No easy button here ... no pick up service.  The boxes must be certain dimentions. A trip to the packing store for smaller boxes ensued.  I literally had to repack and relabel everything.  I'm still not finished and it's 10:30 pm.  I'm going to bed!  I still have tomorrow. 

It's been a rough day, my nerves are slightly damaged and my head is full of west coast fog again, and the 'cherp' has definitely vacated my voice for the day.  A good night's sleep should hopefully clear things up.  I have a few more boxes to pack, labels to fill out for customs, and lists to make for Mexican Customs.  These must be translated into Spanish, however, I will e-mail them to a lady in SMA and she will do that for me.
I give up!  I give in!  Universe, if you, and of course you are, trying to tell me something, teach me something, or otherwise help me with my personal growth, could you please make it a little clearer, a little easier, and not so hard on my nerves.  Thanks.  I appreciate it!  Also, could you help me get everything done tomorrow and get me to the plane on time.  Grateful for your help, even if I don't have a clue what's going on at the moment!  nite nite .....

April 22, 2010

* Taxes are done! YEAH

My day went on and on and on.  I simply couldn't seem to stop it.  Awoke at 7:00 am so I could enjoy an hour of quiet and a good cup of coffee.  9:00 am found me with the tax man at H & R Block.  This year's tax man wanted to discuss everything and explain every line.  We were not amused.  Every fibre of my being was screaming - "I couldn't care less what it means - just do it so I can get out of here".  I sit with a smile on my face nodding and looking pleasant.  After I pay my million dollars to have the calculations done, I drive across town to drop Habibi off at the groomer.  After all, we cannot enter our new country of origin looking scruffy.  The owners are lovely.  I have been a client since I got Habibi.  They want to chat ... she is Mexican ... well you can imagine the rest.  Every fibre of my being is screaming to be out of the shop and on to my next appointment.  I stand, chatting, smiling and nodding sharing the details of my trip.  Escape from the shop just in time to drive across town to one of my storage lockers for an appointment with the manager.  He is not amused because the last time I was at the locker, I took the liberty of leaving a few things on the street for anyone to take.  I was told I had been a 'bad girl".  I had my damage deposit revoked.  Every fibre of my being screamed for excape.  I sat smiling and nodding that indeed I had been a bad girl ... how much was the damage ... OK, I'll pay.  Left him the key.  Cancelled my contract at the end of the month.  Explained the Rotary Club would be there tomorrow to pick up the rest of the contents for their big garage sale on Saturday.  Asked if I could have a candy from the jar on his table.  Fled.

By this time it was noon.  I drove to another part of town for a meeting with my lawyer.  Did manage to stop for lunch at a little Italian restaurant "La Dolce Vita" (The Sweet Life) for a capaccino and something Italian.  Reviewed the draft of my will over lunch.  Thought to myself.  "Odd time in my life, sitting in a little Italian restaurant, reviewing my will.  In a couple of days I will be starting an entire new chapter of my life."  Wanted to stay there watching the world go by for the rest of the afternoon.  Forced myself out the door in time for my next appointment. 

Waited in the large reception area at the lawyers.  Finally got in.  Every fibre of my being is screaming to hurry up to I can get out of here.  Sat chatting and smiling and reviewing an entire library of documents he had prepared for me.  Spent an hour waiting while changes and revisions were made.  Signed everything, sealed everything, witnessed everything, paid three million dollars for his services.  Thanked him profusely.  Fled into the streets.

Drove back to where I had come from to pick up Habibi.  He hugs me.  Thanks, I needed that!  I buy him a new red leather leash.  After all, we have to look spiffy for our new home.  He strutts along like a guy who has just purchased a new car.

Almost ready to head home ... just pick up some meds and most important, get some more champagne.  Arrive back at where I am hanging my hat.  My friend has the Jimmy reved up.  We are off to the other storage locker to pick up the last 2 boxes which would not fit in my car.  Across town again in rush hour traffic.  Finally .... across town again ... still rush hour ... and home to the champagne which by now is nicely chilled.  Pop the cork.  Collapse.  It's now 7:00 pm.

At 7:05 a person arrives for a meeting to discuss water damage in the condo I own.  Yep ... I want to run screaming from the building ... but where would I go .... this is where I stay!  Meeting over ... it's 8:00 pm.

So that was my day.  It's been like that since I arrived.  I am becoming permanently giddy.

Tomorrow is the appointment with my eye Dr.  I would cancel, except I feel the 'pressure' check I need for glaucoma is too important.  Seeing is a good thing.  After that - it's Habibi's appointment with the Vet to get the property paper work for entering Mexico.  Without that, he would not be allowed in.  Later, I must label and ship my 5 suitcases to Vancouver ahead of me via bus courier.  They will not allow me on a small plane with all that luggage.

But then .... that is tomorrow.  This is NOW.  I received some updated photos of de Luz.  They follow.  I am sitting here smiling and nodding.  I feel all warm and fuzzy.  Life is good.  La Dolce Vita!

I adore the floor.  I have always been in love with Mexican hand made tiles!  They make my heart sing.  Yes, I am sitting here with a smile on my face feeling very happy indeed.

April 21, 2010

* Rule #2

#2.  Always show up for Happy Hour.

#2.  Always show up for Happy Hour on time.

#2.  If you are late, the champagne supply may be severely depleted, depending on the stress of the day.

#2.  Never turn your back on your friend when she has control of the champagne.

#2.  One should consider having their own personal champagne bottle.

Kitchen Counter
Well, guess what?  de Luz is not going to be finished when I get home!  Surprise!  This is Mexico.  For whatever reason, I am not in any way disturbed by this news.  Why?  Who knows for sure.  When I received the news from the achitect I wrote back immediately.  "What did you say your address was again, JC?  Move over, because I will be arriving late Monday night."  Haven't had a reply yet.  : o )

Don't know where I will end up, but does it really matter?  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dogs are still pooping on the sidewalk.  It is SMA.  It is my home.  I will be happy to be there.

What do I know for sure?  I need a place of complete peace and quite.  I need some alone time.  I need some quiet time.  I probably need some catch up peace quiet and sleep.  I think there is a nunnery in SMA.  That would do nicely for a few days.

When I came back to do this move thing in three weeks, the one thing I didn't build in to the over all scheme of things was 'down time'.  Who knew I needed down time.  I have been going steady, non stop, without rest and renewal time since I set foot on Canadian soil.  I forgot I was 60 something.  I thought I was 30 something.  After all ... that's how I felt in SMA.  Here, believe me, I KNOW I am 60 something.  Every bone and muscle in my body is on high alert, my knees are rebelling and my feet are considering a general strike.  I didn't build in evenings to soak in the tub, put on the music, candles and meditate.  I didn't build in time to say good bye to people I love and cherish.  I was absolutely driven to 'get here, get packed, get home'.

If my theory everything has a reason is true, which I believe it is ... then I have to go with that.  I need to be back for the finishing of the house.  There are a few challanges which I don't want to 'fix' via e-mail.  In person is so much better.  Besides, my men need their cake and cookies.

Perhaps next year, I'll come back for a 'holiday'.  See all the people I am longing to see, perhaps fly to Alberta to see even more people I am longing to see.  Such is life.  Quinta de luz is calling for a little assistance.  I need to be there.  More than that, I want to be there.