April 6, 2010

* April 6th ... ALREADY!

Did I tell you I was sick?  As a dog?  Swollen glands, throat super soar, coughing, coughing, coughing, and ears filled with some kind of dust which makes them hurt and itch at the same time.  I'm sure you have had that feeling!  We, as in the Royal 'We', are not amused!

I am behind.  In fact, I am so far behind, I think I'm first!!  I've made all my appointments today.  Spent all morning on the phone.  It is now 1:15 pm and I'm done, finished, kaputzkie!  I need to have everything packed, sorted, and completely organized by next Sunday evening.  Monday, the Rotary club is coming for anything left to take to their big garage sale.  Will I make it .... stay tuned ... I can't even tell you the answer.

I'm currently posting on a PC.  Not a clue what I'm doing.  Therefore, no photographs or anything fancy which is really ticking me off, because I wanted to put some photos of Victoria on here for you.  Ah well, they will come later.

This week is completely booked with sorting, packing and shipping.  Next week is completely booked with appointments.  The last week will be all the bits and pieces.  Friday, April 23rd I'll be flying to Vancouver, spending a couple of days with a dear friend, and Monday April 26th, I am off home.

So, just a short note to keep you up to date and me up to date  Take care.

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