April 23, 2010

Bewitched, Bothered and Belwidered ...

And, believe me, the tripple B thing is not happening because I have fallen in love.  What a day this has been ... sorry, these show tunes just keep coming into my head!  My morning bagan with such peace and tranquility. A freshly brewed coffee in my hand, a cheerful outlook on life, and hope for a steadily paced day ahead ... nothing frantic.  Then I called Greyhound Express to come and pick up my 6 pieces of luggage and deliver them to my hotel in Vancouver.  Earlier in the week they had quoted me $160.00 for almost 500 pounds, door to door.  Not too bad I thought.  "Just make sure you call us before 3:00 pm and we'll be there for you.  Delivered within 24 hours."  So I called, leisurely dialing while sipping my coffee.  Ahhhh, looking forward to a day when I'll just putz at doing the last minute things.  "Greyhound Express" a voice answers.  "Good morning I cherp, while explaining my request.  "Can't help you there." ... the answer ecoes through the lines.  "We don't deliver on weekends."  Dead silence on my end.  My coffee isn't tasting so good anymore.  What to do, What do to!!  It would have been lovely had they shared this information with me when I went over my requirements earlier in the week. 

Contacted FedEx.  "Yes, of course Madam.  We are there for you 24/7, 7 days a week.  We do charge extra for delivery on a Saturday, however it will only be $495.00 for the 7 pieces."  I gulp down a very hot sip ... and choke out my answer.  "That will be fine."  At this point what choice to I have!!  I get all seven peices labeled and lined up at the door.  They are coming within the hour.

THEN .... I call FedEx again to confirm they are coming for my boxes on Saturday and confirm rates, etc.  I had also spoken with them earlier in the week and they had explained everything.  Ground to Texas.  Today, I was hearing a slightly different story.  "What are you shipping Madam?"  "Personal effects and household goods, all used."  "Personal effects have to be shipped by air."  I am now sitting there holding my head not my cup.  "Why?", I ask hesitantly, not really wanting to know, but simply checking to make sure he knows what he's talking about.  "It's the law", he says calmly.  No personel effects via ground.  I'm on the verge of tears.  He gives me a quote.  $2,500.00.  (and don't forget, that's only to Texas, I still have to have it hauled into Mexico by a customs agent).  OK, my voice is shakey, my brain completely scattered.  I'm not thinking clearly at this point.  I make arrangments to have the items picked up Monday (I won't even be here.)

After I hang up, my little brain swings back into the land of the living.  What law ... what's he talking about.  Surely we can still ship household belongings by ground ... something a little fishy here.  Back on the blower --- same guy ... "What is this law, what does it state, and who's law is it?  Is it the United States law?"  "No, he replies meakly ... It's FedEx law".  I hear a click.  It is my finger pushing down the 'hang up' button.  I didn't want to render the poor twit hard of hearing by banging the receiver in my ear.

Consequently, I called Canada Post.  Now I have to haul all the boxes over to the post offices.  No easy button here ... no pick up service.  The boxes must be certain dimentions. A trip to the packing store for smaller boxes ensued.  I literally had to repack and relabel everything.  I'm still not finished and it's 10:30 pm.  I'm going to bed!  I still have tomorrow. 

It's been a rough day, my nerves are slightly damaged and my head is full of west coast fog again, and the 'cherp' has definitely vacated my voice for the day.  A good night's sleep should hopefully clear things up.  I have a few more boxes to pack, labels to fill out for customs, and lists to make for Mexican Customs.  These must be translated into Spanish, however, I will e-mail them to a lady in SMA and she will do that for me.
I give up!  I give in!  Universe, if you, and of course you are, trying to tell me something, teach me something, or otherwise help me with my personal growth, could you please make it a little clearer, a little easier, and not so hard on my nerves.  Thanks.  I appreciate it!  Also, could you help me get everything done tomorrow and get me to the plane on time.  Grateful for your help, even if I don't have a clue what's going on at the moment!  nite nite .....

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