April 29, 2010

* First day home ....

Couldn't seem to rest today.  Just kept putzing.  Got up about 9:00 am.  Had lovely fruit salad which Sylvia had already prepared and a strong cup of coffee.  Yum!

Later on we walked over to de Luz.  Many men were there today.  The place was hopping.  I think knowing I was arriving home, and a 'spur you on' e-mail from me has given the project a shot in the arm.  Perhaps one and one half weeks ... which definitely means two weeks Mexican time ... perhaps I will be moving in.

Took some photographs.  They have begun to paint the outside.  It is just as I had dreamed.  I'm in love.  The inside yellow is not quite what I had in mind.  It will probably need a glaze to get the effect I want.

 The old Hacienda doors have arrived.  They will be made into one door for the bathroom.  That was supposed to have been done when they were delivered.  Will work that one out this week.  Still in love with the doors.

Later, we had a lovely dinner for two on the terrace.  Spent some time on the roof terrace watching the sun go down and the moon come up.  Did I tell you there are three dogs here???  Yes, Paloma, the white pit bull, Benji, the cute one, and Habibi.  They are becoming good friends.  It's going to be great - they can play together.
See you tomorrow.

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