April 18, 2010

* Progress Pics

I've just 'played' with this PC for awhile and think I have happened upon how to get my photos from an e-mail to the blog.  There has been quite a bit of work done since I left.  Here goes ... let me try this new found skill ....
YEAH!  I think I've 'got it'!!  The one thing I wish I had done here was to have the balcony run all along the front of the house.  What was I thinking!  I was thinking 'two julilet balconies would look great' .... and they will!

Looking out the entrance door from the living area on to the terrace and the stairs to the roof terrace.
My little outdoor terrace.
Stairs to the roof terrace.  There will be a wrought iron railing.
Entering throug the main door on the terrace into the living area.  Fireplace construction is underway!
The driveway is well underway.  My indoor tiles await in the warm sun.  They are laying the tiles in a diagonal pattern which will look lovely.

Can't believe I figured out this darn PC!  It's not so difficult ... and I've managed to give you a real update of the progress.  They are definitly running behind schedule.  It's because I am not there to take them cake and cookies, I just know it!  Hopefully I will have an update tomorrow on what the major hold ups are.  I know they are having difficulty having the utilities installed ... thus no power etc.  I'm not sure why they have not bricked up the door in the bathroom and installed the window.  I suspect it could be a power issue as power is needed to install locks on the driveway doors to secure the property.  Anyway ... I will soon know.

The sun is shining in SMA.  Can't wait to start getting organized.  The house needs furnishing, the roof needs a garden, the terraced part of the yard needs landscaping, and I'm thinking I will require a studio on the roof very fast.  This should keep me off the streets and out of the bars for awhile.  Gotta get ready for that house warming party everyone is talking about.  nite nite

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