April 21, 2010

* Rule #2

#2.  Always show up for Happy Hour.

#2.  Always show up for Happy Hour on time.

#2.  If you are late, the champagne supply may be severely depleted, depending on the stress of the day.

#2.  Never turn your back on your friend when she has control of the champagne.

#2.  One should consider having their own personal champagne bottle.

Kitchen Counter
Well, guess what?  de Luz is not going to be finished when I get home!  Surprise!  This is Mexico.  For whatever reason, I am not in any way disturbed by this news.  Why?  Who knows for sure.  When I received the news from the achitect I wrote back immediately.  "What did you say your address was again, JC?  Move over, because I will be arriving late Monday night."  Haven't had a reply yet.  : o )

Don't know where I will end up, but does it really matter?  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the dogs are still pooping on the sidewalk.  It is SMA.  It is my home.  I will be happy to be there.

What do I know for sure?  I need a place of complete peace and quite.  I need some alone time.  I need some quiet time.  I probably need some catch up peace quiet and sleep.  I think there is a nunnery in SMA.  That would do nicely for a few days.

When I came back to do this move thing in three weeks, the one thing I didn't build in to the over all scheme of things was 'down time'.  Who knew I needed down time.  I have been going steady, non stop, without rest and renewal time since I set foot on Canadian soil.  I forgot I was 60 something.  I thought I was 30 something.  After all ... that's how I felt in SMA.  Here, believe me, I KNOW I am 60 something.  Every bone and muscle in my body is on high alert, my knees are rebelling and my feet are considering a general strike.  I didn't build in evenings to soak in the tub, put on the music, candles and meditate.  I didn't build in time to say good bye to people I love and cherish.  I was absolutely driven to 'get here, get packed, get home'.

If my theory everything has a reason is true, which I believe it is ... then I have to go with that.  I need to be back for the finishing of the house.  There are a few challanges which I don't want to 'fix' via e-mail.  In person is so much better.  Besides, my men need their cake and cookies.

Perhaps next year, I'll come back for a 'holiday'.  See all the people I am longing to see, perhaps fly to Alberta to see even more people I am longing to see.  Such is life.  Quinta de luz is calling for a little assistance.  I need to be there.  More than that, I want to be there.

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