April 17, 2010

* Stuck on April 10th

Had a note from Carolyn of Playing in the Sandbox today, wondering if I was still alive and kicking!  Also my cousin "Grumpy Marshall" of the infamous "Grumpy Marshall Weather Forecast" called to tell me I had created somewhat of a soap opera and 'what the hell was I up to since April 10th?".  All those days of silence, and I am actually hooked on blogging!  What's up, you may ask.

Well!  To say the very least, I must have been mad, crazy, crazed, daffy, daft, 'touched', and indeed just a little 'off', to think I was going to turn everything around calmly, sweetly, happily and without so much as a ripple in the water in less than three weeks!

The Universe agreed.  I hit Canadian soil with a virus I totally ignored for nine days.  Acted like I was healthy, sane, happy, somewhat normal, invogorated, euphoric, in the pink and indeed in my prime.  I lied.  On the nineth day, my body said NO MORE.  I developed a raging fever which and friend would no longer tollerate my lies.  She hauled me off to the walk in clinic.  I was certified UNWELL, UNABLE, UNHEALTHY, CRAZED, and DAFT.  "Go home to bed and stay there I was instructed.  What do you think you are doing to your body!"  I gave in.

I have fought this every step of the way.  Even after I gave in, I really didn't 'give in'.  I carried on as my energy would allow and then a little more.  Every night at six, more glands swell up, I have trouble swallowing, and I get a headache.  Champagne seems to help.  My friend and I have drank copious amounts to keep our spirits up.

Today, I made a new list.  It was one of priorities.  What MUST be done.  What can be thrown in a very small storage and left for another year until I once again come back to deal with the dregs!  I simply can't do it all this trip.

Tomorrow is the last day for working at storage.  I need to find my good bed linens, share some of my large blank canvases with Diane and let the Rotarians have the rest for their garage sale.

Next, I will go over to the other storage, pack five suitcases to take with me and leave the rest for the Rotarians.

There are two large boxes of my fathers history which I consider very important to the history of the province of Alberta.  Those will be put into a small storage and cleared when I return.  They need to be sent back to Alberta to the archives.

Still have many appointments to attend.  Eye Dr., have my CPAP machine checked and replace some parts, take Habibi to vet to have health certificate done, have Habibi groomed, renew drivers license, mail a piece of art to a dear friend in Alberta, pick up my perscriptions, change address at the post office .... have my will, living will updated (it's in the works), and on and on.

So I admit it.  YES, I was mad, I am mad, but I'm going home on time.  I will rest when I get there! 

Quinta de Luz is coming along nicely, if not altogether on time.  She will be ready enough to live in by the time I return.  I will have no trouble dealing with the rest.

That's the update, folks!  No longer stuck on April 10th.  Thanks for your note, Carolyn.  Grumpy Marshall, always such a pleasure to chat with you and hear your voice.  Thanks for calling.  Nite Nite.

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