April 22, 2010

* Taxes are done! YEAH

My day went on and on and on.  I simply couldn't seem to stop it.  Awoke at 7:00 am so I could enjoy an hour of quiet and a good cup of coffee.  9:00 am found me with the tax man at H & R Block.  This year's tax man wanted to discuss everything and explain every line.  We were not amused.  Every fibre of my being was screaming - "I couldn't care less what it means - just do it so I can get out of here".  I sit with a smile on my face nodding and looking pleasant.  After I pay my million dollars to have the calculations done, I drive across town to drop Habibi off at the groomer.  After all, we cannot enter our new country of origin looking scruffy.  The owners are lovely.  I have been a client since I got Habibi.  They want to chat ... she is Mexican ... well you can imagine the rest.  Every fibre of my being is screaming to be out of the shop and on to my next appointment.  I stand, chatting, smiling and nodding sharing the details of my trip.  Escape from the shop just in time to drive across town to one of my storage lockers for an appointment with the manager.  He is not amused because the last time I was at the locker, I took the liberty of leaving a few things on the street for anyone to take.  I was told I had been a 'bad girl".  I had my damage deposit revoked.  Every fibre of my being screamed for excape.  I sat smiling and nodding that indeed I had been a bad girl ... how much was the damage ... OK, I'll pay.  Left him the key.  Cancelled my contract at the end of the month.  Explained the Rotary Club would be there tomorrow to pick up the rest of the contents for their big garage sale on Saturday.  Asked if I could have a candy from the jar on his table.  Fled.

By this time it was noon.  I drove to another part of town for a meeting with my lawyer.  Did manage to stop for lunch at a little Italian restaurant "La Dolce Vita" (The Sweet Life) for a capaccino and something Italian.  Reviewed the draft of my will over lunch.  Thought to myself.  "Odd time in my life, sitting in a little Italian restaurant, reviewing my will.  In a couple of days I will be starting an entire new chapter of my life."  Wanted to stay there watching the world go by for the rest of the afternoon.  Forced myself out the door in time for my next appointment. 

Waited in the large reception area at the lawyers.  Finally got in.  Every fibre of my being is screaming to hurry up to I can get out of here.  Sat chatting and smiling and reviewing an entire library of documents he had prepared for me.  Spent an hour waiting while changes and revisions were made.  Signed everything, sealed everything, witnessed everything, paid three million dollars for his services.  Thanked him profusely.  Fled into the streets.

Drove back to where I had come from to pick up Habibi.  He hugs me.  Thanks, I needed that!  I buy him a new red leather leash.  After all, we have to look spiffy for our new home.  He strutts along like a guy who has just purchased a new car.

Almost ready to head home ... just pick up some meds and most important, get some more champagne.  Arrive back at where I am hanging my hat.  My friend has the Jimmy reved up.  We are off to the other storage locker to pick up the last 2 boxes which would not fit in my car.  Across town again in rush hour traffic.  Finally .... across town again ... still rush hour ... and home to the champagne which by now is nicely chilled.  Pop the cork.  Collapse.  It's now 7:00 pm.

At 7:05 a person arrives for a meeting to discuss water damage in the condo I own.  Yep ... I want to run screaming from the building ... but where would I go .... this is where I stay!  Meeting over ... it's 8:00 pm.

So that was my day.  It's been like that since I arrived.  I am becoming permanently giddy.

Tomorrow is the appointment with my eye Dr.  I would cancel, except I feel the 'pressure' check I need for glaucoma is too important.  Seeing is a good thing.  After that - it's Habibi's appointment with the Vet to get the property paper work for entering Mexico.  Without that, he would not be allowed in.  Later, I must label and ship my 5 suitcases to Vancouver ahead of me via bus courier.  They will not allow me on a small plane with all that luggage.

But then .... that is tomorrow.  This is NOW.  I received some updated photos of de Luz.  They follow.  I am sitting here smiling and nodding.  I feel all warm and fuzzy.  Life is good.  La Dolce Vita!

I adore the floor.  I have always been in love with Mexican hand made tiles!  They make my heart sing.  Yes, I am sitting here with a smile on my face feeling very happy indeed.

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