April 10, 2010

* Update

Victoria is the Capital of the Province of British Columbia.  Seems strange really, as we are a small town, on a smallish island.  Above it a photo of the parliament buildings shining into a corner of the inner harbour.

Fever kicked in last night.  Finally gave in.  My friend took me to a walk in clinic.  I am sick.  Yep!  Confirmed by a Dr.  Infected throat, bronchitis, glands the size of golf balls.  Accepted a high dose of anti-biotics with gratefulness and went home to bed.  Also, a very effective cough supressent.  Thank you!!!

Yes, I have more or less surrendered.  I cancelled an dinner invitation, an evening of fun and frolic and an overnight at a friends. 

I did keep an appointment with Helga from  ARTchix Studio (a great web site for multi media artists).  Do have a peek at her sight and shop if you need anything.  She stocks an awe inspiring collection of goodies.  Keep your hankie handy to catch the drouls.  We need to support young women who have worked so hard to build a business.  Helga began this business aboaut 10 years ago, and now employs some single moms.  So inspiring.

After some deliberation, (not much though) Helga and I loaded her car with half my collection of treasures.  She's coming back for the other half later this week.  I am so happy they are going to a 'good home'.  Her enthusiasm and squeals of delight left no doubt in my mind they will be shared and put to very good use, not to mention the wonderful pieces of art which will be born of this collection.  Personally, I am thrilled!

So, my dears, that's all for this evening.  I am going to bed.  I am not going to cough.  I am going to sleep well through the night.  The Dr. said I should begin to feel better in about 3 days.  YEAH!

"Art is literacy of the heart" Elliot Eisner

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