April 1, 2010

Victoria, BC, Canada

On the way back.  So here we are at 38,000 Ft.  Its -76 degrees F outside.  Don't think I will be stepping on the wing for a breath of fresh air anytine soon. 

Sitting beside me is a very charming young man from Arkansas.  He's in the aerospace industry and is on his way to Seattle for an impromptu emergency meeting. 

Intereating history.  Family of twelve.  Five brothers, all extremely well educated with degrees in different arenas, orn a company which employs another twenty-five people.  The company does all sorts of cool stuff in R & D, and sell to the big airlines, Delta, Continental, etc.  Everything from the oxygen systems to toilets and dump tanks.  Has many ideas for the future, such as machines where you can preorder your meals before boarding the plane, and others which will allow you to shop direct with your points .... the products simply popping out into your lap like a pop machine.

The family roots are very intreguing.  Father from the eastern seaboard, mother pure cuban.  During the Cuban missel crises, she happened to be in the US and managed to obtain some sort of dispensation to remain there and become a citizen.  When his parents were married, his mother did notspeak one word of English.  It was LOVE.  Chris's wife is from Italy.  Old family of wine growers.  Came to Arkansas and started vineyards in the north of the state. 

Last year was Papa's 70th birthday.  Twelve children, their spouses, and, now hear this .... FIFTY-ONE grandchildren helped him celebrate.

It's been an interesting ride.  Chatting about a really broad range of topics and enjoying some good laughs.

I was trying to nap just now.  We have about two hours to Seattle, however I cannot seem to settle.  I'll be happy to hit the hay tonight.  It will feel very fine to have my head on a pillow.

At the moment, we have just left Colorado and are flying over the top left hand corner of Wyoming.  The world map has just popped up in front of me.  Caracus has always been of interest.  One thing at a time, Donna!

APRIL 1, 2010

Arrived in Victoria safe and sound.  Flew from Seattle with a gentleman who spend last year in Afganastan, helping to monitor the elections.  This year he has been asked to be present as an observer in Cambodia for the next two years.  I hinted for him to take me with him ... no luck.  I'm on my way home to Mexico.

All is well at this end.  I am a little brain dead and hope to be more awake tomorrow.

In the mean time ... all is well with the world.  Hope all is well with your worlds too. 


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