May 3, 2010

* A Few More Updates

Fireplace is taking shape.  Love the arch.

Terrace and trim around the windows and doors is being painted.

That black 'thing' you see on my roof is the water tank.

So much plaster dust you can't see the driveway brick.

Can't wait to see the yard cleaned up.  It will be a while as they are digging in the 500 gallon cistern as far as they can.  Then we are building a terrace over top.

I'm going to enjoy this view with my morning coffee.

The plastering is finished on the outside wall.  

"Is it time to go Home yet?  I keep clicking these damn shoes, but nothing happens."  ~ Robin Hecht
 Patience, Donna. Everything in its own time.  ..... now I'm talking to myself!  On a blog!  Ah well, whatever it takes. xx nite nite

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