May 3, 2010

* First House Guest

Most days I walk over to Quinta de Luz.  It was a beautiful morning this am.  Sylvia usually comes with me.  Today we went with a view to really looking at walls and spaces where I want shelves, storage etc.

While in the bathroom discussing the storage situation there, Sylvia gasped and jumped back behind the door.  "What's the matter?", I whispered.  "A scorpion." she exclaimed.  I turned to glance at her.  She was clasping her hands tightly together under her chin, looking quite horrified.  I personally had never seen one, but had heard of them and knew of course they were dangerous.   I acted more on impulse than anything else and said quickly, before I could think, "I'll get it!"  I grabbed my notebook and approached the little creature on the wall slowly and with respect.  Lifting my book to just the right height (I knew I would not have a second chance) I hit the poor little thing quick and hard, smashing it into the wall.  My book fell to the floor.  The scorpion remained on the wall, ever so flattened!  We looked at each other, relieved!  Sylvia giggled.  "Your first house guest!"

We were proud!  We had saved ourselves from a dangerous predator.   We were safe and sound.  We took photos for posterity.

Alive and Well.

Dead and flatter than a pancake with Happy Hunter.

We continued our rounds.  Delighted and full of ideas, our measuring tape and note book in hand, chatting and enjoying our time together.  Later, while walking by the now flat and very dead scorpion, I ventured closer to have an up close and personal examination of this little creature I had never seen before.  "Wow, Sylvia ... he's really very beautiful!  Come over and have a look.  Look how beautifully he is made."  I drew even closer for microscopic examination.  "It almost looks like he is made of spun gold."  Suddenly we both burst into a roar of laughter!  "He's made of thin copper electrical wire!", I exclaimed.  We had both realized it at the same time.  The builders had sculpted the form and stuck it into the plaster.  That's why he didn't fall from the wall when I 'killed' him!  I hadn't been a murderer after all.  The joke was on us.  I am actually very flattered 'my men' would take the time to frighten and delight me.  I was overjoyed Sylvia was with me to share their little prank.  So great to have people to share things with.  So great to have people who want to tease me.  How blessed I am.  However, now it's my turn.  I'm not sure yet what it's going to be ... but I will get them for this!  Anyone got any good ideas???????

"I'm extraordinarily patient provided I get my own way in the end."  ~  Margaret Thatcher

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