May 16, 2010

* Midnight in San Miguel

The power has been out most of the evening.  I had left the light by my bed on to know when the power returned.  Consequently I am wide awake at the moment.  I will do a short post. 

Had an art lesson on Saturday to keep myself in balance.  This intuitive painting very much intregues me.  It's a constant surprise.  I work at a fairly good speed, never knowing what my hand is doing, what colours it is going to choose, or where on the painting it will work next.  It is a free flow feeling.  I love it.  Saturday, I was surprised what came forward.  As you know, the previous week was not one of my best.  Intuitively some of that showed up in 'The Dancer'.  She is now 'well armed', she has gained knowledge and wisdom.  They are with her, around her, there for her, a part of her.  She's not done yet ... but getting there.
I try to begin a painting with as few restrictions as possible and let intuition be my guide, as I respond to what is developing on the painting surface. ~ Marilyn Hughey Phillis
This is what I am learning.

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