May 14, 2010

* Short and Sweet

A pocco (little) update tonight.  I have possession of my house as of approximately 7:00 pm tonight.  Payment for this 'privilege' was almost $9,000.00 US.  The rest of the huge chunk of monies I wired down to the real estate company account has been stolen and is all gone.  The agent is off somewhere on a huge drug binge.  I have no idea if anyone will ever see him again.  I have certainly had my standard of living adjusted for me, no question.  It will take some adjusting to.  On Monday, I have an appointment with a lawyer, however, I'm not sure it's worth it.  I will take a couple of days to decide.

Dusk was falling as we arrived at the house.  I took this photo from the roof.  It was a sad reunion.

Who can I trust? You have to invest in somebody and chances are you're probably going to invest in somebody who's going to deceive you. I've been conned a couple of times, but now I'm a little more savvy.  ~ Maggie Gyllenhall 

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