May 27, 2010

* Telavera - Cloud 29

Sylvia and I decided to take an entire day to shop in Delores Hidalgo - the Telavera Town!  What fun we had.  A driver was hired.  He was wonderful as he carried all the  items we bought out of the shops and to the car.  We stopped on the way into town at a factory called San Gabriel.  Massive.  Colour everywhere.  It gets a little overwhelming when it comes to 'decisions'.  We had lunch.  Pork with all the trimmings on tortillas ... put your own together.  A tradition here.  Delicious.   Then off for more bargain hunting.  We left SMA about 10:00 am and returned, exhausted and very happy about 5:30 pm.  Some photos.

This trip I was looking for special tiles.  I want to scatter about 5 hand painted tiles into  the hand made terra cotta tiles on the terrace.  I didn't buy any here, but will take a photo of them when I unpack to use them.
Yummy lunch.

The Lovely Sylvia and I enjoying a Mexican lunch.
More 'cloud 29' stuff - streets and streets of it.
Poor Luis, our driver, carrying the 'bootie'
Time for helado  (ice cream)  ... the home made kind.
One of Sylvias' prizes.  New home for a Boston fern.

More photos of the loot later, when I unpack.  I took my things over to Quinta de Luz.  By the way, de Luz was robbed last night.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  Over the back wall, load up all the painting material and other goodies used to work on the house, break the lock on the front gate, close the gate neatly behind them, and voila .... a neat little break in.  Luckily, and believe me, I am very grateful for this, none of my personal possessions were touched inside the house.  There is now a guard taking care of de Luz at night.

These are some of my thoughts on lying, stealing, cheating and drinking, three of which have been a huge part of my life lately.  They are just WRONG!  They have changed my life in some way forever.  They have altered forever the beautiful way in which I was able to trust.  I'm still processing - there is probably much more.  The fourth, drinking - well I have nearly perfected the Sangria.
"I would like to to tell you what I think of lying, stealing, cheating and drinking.  If you are going to lie, lie for a friend.  If you are going to steal, steal a heart.  If you are going to cheat, cheat death.  And, if you are going to drink, drink with me."  ~  Anonymous

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