June 30, 2010

*Finishing and beginning

The curtain rods are up.  These are no ordinary curtain rods.  These are the hinge part of the old Hacienda doors which I purchased before I was robbed.  While I still had $$$.  Thank goodness.  I just love them.

A close up.  I wish I didn't have to put curtains up.  The architectural pieces are so grounding to the windows.  Alas, I need some material to filter hot afternoon sun.

They began digging up the yard again today.  Took away six inches off the top.  Still hauling it away bucket by bucket, shovel by shovel.  Backbreaking work.  At least it would break mine.  Theirs seem to be fine.  I never see any of them look like they are in pain.  Not even the look of tiredness on their faces as they leave for the day.  The entire process still amazes me.

Note of Interest:  Notice how they have built a 'ramp' out of dirt.  This completely covers the stairs.  Much easier to walk on a ramp with a heavy load.  Clever.

So, the yard will be finished.  The railing on the terrace has to be finished and a gate put on.  One more 'curtain rod' to put up (this one from the door I made the table out of).  Then I have to STOP!  I have had to take some things which were in the building contract out.  Lack of funds since the con job.  It's just not possible to do everything I had planned.  It is sooo annoying!  Anger creeps in.  At any rate, with what is left I have to go hunting for some furniture.  A nice chair in which to sit my ass.  I'm very tired of sitting on my bed, not having a table to eat at, a desk, and a chest of drawers to put my unmentionables.  Friday will probably be the first day no one is in the actual house working.  I may be able to get out to have a look around.

And so it goes.  Life.  Its' ups and downs.  Its' spiral.  What can I do except maintain some balance, keep myself in the present moment, and Enjoy ... or as one of my friends on GIST says In-Joy.  I like that.  I want to be there more time than I am not there.  : o )

"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

So true, Bertie, so true!  Any movement is better than being stuck. 

June 29, 2010

1/2 and 1/2 Make A Whole Entire Backsplash

The tilers worked hard today.  It's finished!  YEAH.  I think it looks grand.  When I get some curtains made to cover the shelves below the counter it will look 'done'.  Whew!

The other half.  Now, I know you are thinking .... what the heck has R16 got to do with anything?  Absolutely nothing.  I saw it, I liked it, I bought it, I put it in the back splash.  I think it adds 'interest'.  I have a liking for letters and numbers.  Together is a wonderful combination.  : o )

Done.  Complete.  Fully dressed.  The whole enchilada.

The landscapers came today.  Lupi is back.  The gentle giant.  We drew in the dirt.  Where do I want the tree to go?  Where do I want the fountain to go?  Could I do this?  Could I do that?  In the end, I decided on an all brick yard.  I didn't like the gray slate with the house.  The fountain is going to be on the side wall where I wanted it in the first place.  I have also designed a Sun, a Moon and a small star which will be laid into the ground in pebbles.  (a form of a mosaic)  It will be simple and lovely.  Work began today.  It could take up to 5 weeks.  AND, this is Mexico (?)
Today I found in my papers, old writings about my Mamma and Papa.  It brought back so many memories.  I have begun to add these pieces to my writing site,  Fragments of a Woman.  If you are interested in reading them, please go HERE.

When I miss you, I don't have to go far ... I just have to look inside my heart because that's where I'll find you. 

June 28, 2010

* Half down, Half to go ..

It was supposed to be another party this evening.  Maria was going to cook us a 'typical Mexicana meal' which was to be a surprise.  Well, SURPRISE .... the tilers showed up today to tile the back splash.  No cooking in the kitchen going on here.  I'm glad to have the tiling begun ... however, it has made me rather cranky.  Don't mess with me tonight!  Maria arrived with her huge bag of groceries all ready to cook.  Anyway ... hopefully if all the pollo (chicken) lasts until Thursday, and company can still attend - we will do it then.  So my day got off to a bit of a rocky beginning.  Nothing to write home about -- but for whatever reason it did put me a little 'off'.  I know ... there is a full moon.  That's it, of course!

And so the tiling began.

While this is going on, Habibi chooses to sit out on the HOT tiles in the HOT sun.  I don't know why he's not a piece of doggie crisp!

  One half done.  The other half tomorrow.  A thick layer of tile and grout dust has once again settled over Quinta de Luz and her inhabitants.  It's everywhere.  Time for a shower.

"There will be good days and bad, which means that some days I may be cranky and some days really cranky"  ~  Peter Jennings

June 27, 2010

* Something's brewing ...


Something is bubbling up in the art department.  Not sure what as yet.  Only ideas.  Only experiments.  I like it though and think something will come of it.  Took the three old off cuts from the Hacienda doors.  Started to PLAY.  EXPERIMENT.  CREATE.  Felt good.  This is what's happening so far.  I have more elements to add on top, however, I don't really know how to connect them in a permanent way to the wood.  They are both heavy brass.  I think I want to wire the three pieces of wood together with some sort of old rusty wire.  Not sure about that yet either.  It is still very much an idea,  a work in progress.  Time will tell how it will evolve.

I know I don't want to touch the wood.  I might dust it down and seal it  - that's all.  There is energy in that wood and I don't want to change the feel of it. Sanding and staining would definitely alter the energy which has been part of these doors for so many years.

I must tell you I am falling in love with jalapeno peppers that are pickled.   Sylvia introduced me to them and now I can't do without them in my fridge.  I am increasing my tolerance for 'heat' in fooD poco a poco.  I can take salsa a little hotter now - still not too much.  I think it's a very gradual process and you don't want to rush it.  Probably not good for your tummy.  So, there will be no rushing.  I do know I am developing my pallet for heat and quite enjoying it.

"What would it be like if you lived each day, each breath, as a work of art in progress? Imagine that you are a Masterpiece unfolding, every second of every day, a work of art taking form with every breath."  ~ Thomas Crum

June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Maria, You Are Loved

Maria takes care of Sylvia's house as well as mine.  Tomorrow is Maria's 46th year on this planet.  For 44 of those years, nothing happened.  No Happy Birthday, no cake, no party, no hugs, no recognition whatsoever.  Last year some of her friends held a surprise party for her.  It was more like shock and awe, since it had never happened before.  This year, Sylvia planned a little party and asked if I would like to participate.  YES!  Naturally, I was right in there.  Some of Sylvia's family is here from the states.  Sylvia picked up a cookbook on chocolate.  Maria's first love is cooking.  She will whip up a meal for you or a party at your house.  I brought the cake.  It was a surprise/shock and awe!  Maria's grandson and one of her daughters were there, as well as a couple of Sylvia's family and me.  Maria wept.  It touched my heart.  We had a great party.

The day has triggered thoughts of being loved and being made to feel 'special'.  I've been fortunate.  I've been well loved and made to feel very very special.  I have a deep knowing of what it feels like.  I have cellular memory, which I have recall of at any moment.  I don't think Maria has had these experiences to any great extent in her life.  These feeling are new to her.  She doesn't know what to do with them.  They come as a shock to her entire system, body, mind and spirit.  And so, she weeps.  I am so very very happy we were all able to help her feel loved and special, if only for a moment, today.  It was lovely to observe.

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."  ~Mother Teresa

June 25, 2010

Bird Watching, Brick Catching and Beginning Again on Monday

Hungry little tikes, obviously.  I was out on my terrace when I heard all this bird song and chirping.  Looking up and across to the other roof I observed this Mama and two little ones.  Mama, of course busy getting a meal into hungry little mouths!  Miss Sylvia looked them up in her bird book of San Miguel.  They are Cassin's Kingbirds.  I feel to privileged to be able to observe them for so long.  They allowed me a little glimpse into their lives.

The wall was completed yesterday.  Mucho rapido!  It was fun to watch a family enjoying physical work.  The following photograph shows you the joy on the muchachos face.  He is really enjoying catching those bricks!
The yard is clear again today and will be for two entire days.  Monday they will begin the jardin.  I'm looking forward to having it all finished, however, I will enjoy the process.  It's fun to watch your dreams come true.  I'm not sure I ever 'got that' before.  The joy of watching something you have dreamed about manafest before your eyes.  Very gratifying and exciting.  I used to believe I had to have a partner to share it with.  I've learned I don't.  I'm quite happy enjoying the joy by myself, much to my amazement!

Monday, bright and early, Lupi and my men will be back to begin work.  It will be comforting.  I know everyone.  I can buy them goodies at the bakery.  I can see the smiles on their faces and the joy in their hearts.  I will observe their mind boggling hard labour, and the pride they take in doing a good job.   More of Lupi's quiet strong energy will be 'built in' to my home.  I will watch each brick and stone being laid.  I will help with the plants.  I will visit nurseries and get excited and confused about what to bring home with me.  I really really want an olive tree.  I adore them.  They are so symbolic to me, after seeing the beautiful olive groves of Italy and Greece. I've imprinted those memories into my mind.  The ancient trees with their knarled trunks, so full of character, the green gray colour of the leaves, the symbolism of the 'olive branch' and peace.  I'm looking forward to next week.

"Remember today, for it is the beginning of always.  Today marks the start of a brave new future filled with all your dreams can hold.  Think truly to the future and make those dreams come true."

June 24, 2010

How to mix cement in the family business.

Lug heavy bags of cement from the street to the back yard.  Empty them into a big pile.  Work together.  This is important.  We are a family.  Spread the pile of cement out just so.  Make a beautiful spiral in it.  Papa supervises.

Older brother's turn to begin adding water.  Fill up the spirals slowly.  Being patient.  "But wait, he thinks to himself, why am I doing this?  That's what younger brothers are for."

"Oh, alright, so there is a pecking order in this family business.  I can live with that."

"OK, that's more like it.  Think I'll have a bag of chips."

Meanwhile, the youngest brother is hauling the 5 gallon pails of sand in from the street to mix with the cement and make mortar.

Families.  Very interesting.

All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
- Leo Tolstoy

June 23, 2010

* Research Project and more work beginning ...

I'm back at it.  Trying to find the perfecto, excellente, bubbly at the right price.  I came across Andres Brut today at the price of 101 pesos ($8.42 cdn.).  In Canada, I would not be caught dead drinking Andres (aren't they the ones to dreamed up Baby Duck in the 60's).  Here, however, I have a whole new attitude.  Don't rule anything out until you've tried it.  I'm having a second glass, that's a good sign.  It's a little sweet for me though.  Nice bubbles if not a little large.  Makes your mouth expand.  Cork pops nicely and makes that nostalgic sound of many a New Years' Eve.  Actual cork involved - I still consider that a good thing although I do realize times, they are a changin'.  The warning on the top of the cork made me laugh.  DUH!  Are we over governed or what.  Can't anyone think for themselves anymore?  Are we going to pop the cork near our eye, or near the window, or near Mama's best chandelier?  As I say, DUH!  I'm sick of these warnings.  Let people figure it out.  This society is loosing its ability to have any kind of common sense.

They began the last  wall today.  Brought all their equipment last night and started promptly at 7:30 AM.  They worked 'til five.  It's a family company, owned by a son.  His father works for him as well as his own two sons.  They work hard.  They are fast.  They began with nothing today, dug a three foot deep foundation, laid foundation brick and mortar and are half way up the wall already.  They have to pour the concrete supports in the rebar of course.  That could take a day in intself.  Hauling all the cement one five gallon pail at a time, up to the top of the support and pouring it down.  Amazing. 

By the end of the day, it looked like this!  Not bad me things for a days work.

The wall will be finished on Saturday.  The cement yard they have created from mixing the 'stuff' out in the open, will be pick axed and taken away.  The yard will be left neat as a pin.

Moise (Moses) was here today putting in the shelves under the stairs so I could have some storage.  I drew it all out, we measured, he built it, and voila --- a neat little place to keep many things.
Eventually, I will have metal doors built which will close the bodega in and allow it to look finished.  In the mean time, I have some neat storage so everything isn't scattered all over!

Then on Monday ....
Work begins on my jardin!  I simply can't live with all this mud in the back yard, nor do I want to mow grass!  The pathway is going to made made of a soft rose coloured stone with black and charcoal flecks.  The rest of the yard will be gray/black flag stone.  I think it will be pretty with the house and with green plants and trees.  In my original sketch the half fountain was along the side wall.  I wanted it there for a purpose.  So I could SEE it and ENJOY it while relaxing on the terrace.  They are going to move it back to its original position for me.

"When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bounds.  Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world.  Dormant forces, facilities and talents come alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be." ~ Santiz Patanjali

This is what I feel like when I am in the 'zone' of an idea or project.  It's pure magic.  I am as we speak, creating more of it.

June 22, 2010

* Earthly Goods

Attachment.  Coveting.  To people?  Naturally, I'm attached to people.  However, I was speaking of attachment to and coveting my earthly goods.  As I have already written about, over the past years I have downsized to an alarming degree.  Today I had a moment.  A moment of longing for what I had once owned.  A moment of homesickness as it were.  I wanted it all back.  What are you missing some you may ask.  Is it your antiques? Carefully hunted down, collected, restored and refinished by hand?  Is it your Royal Doulton figuries?  Is it your Hummel Angel collection.  Is it all those beautiful objects d'arte  you collected from your travels all over the world?  Is it the sentimental family belongings?  Is it the good crystal, the original paintings, the collection of antique books you took years assembling, is it ?????  Actually, it's none of the above.  Oddly enough, I was sorting and organizing my artist materials today.  The little I did bring with me.  What I miss is the medley of artists 'stuff' I had collected over the years for mixed media, collage and assembledge.  My heart felt heavy.  I longed for my collection of sea shells from all over the world, for the stones I had carted home from who the hell knows where, the postage stamps, the letters, the foreign coins, the broken china, the ephemera from every conceivable venue.  All the bits and pieces, down to that roll of copper I left behind.  I pined.  I longed.  I ached.  I keep telling myself I can start over.  I keep telling myself this is the perfect country to find good exciting pieces for my art.  It doesn't help.  I just want my stuff back.  Boo Hoo!  Poor me.

So, now that I have whined ... let's move on.  I found something very symbolic today amongst my artists acquisitions.  It was the key to the plane my ex and I once owned.  Our little Cessna Hawk XP, "The Northern Princess".  Most of the enjoyment we experienced with her was in the North West Territories.  What fun we had.  Such freedom.  Looking at that key, holding it in my hand was once again very symbolic of 'Flying Solo'.  An interesting moment.  Many happy memories.

So I guess it's been quite a day.  My tenant in Victoria gave notice today.  They will be leaving the end of July.  I didn't need that either.  Yes, I'm feeling a tad stressed.   I have papers at my lawyer in Victoria which need to be taken care of.  I can't seem to get the answers I need.  Frustration!

My yard was clear for a day.  The painter spent the day here.  Tomorrow more iron work arrives for the terrace.  The brick masons will be arriving early in the morning to begin the last wall.  I took a photo before the men came with their scaffolds, boards and tools to fill up the yard again.  Tomorrow will be busy.

 "I have been overcome by the beauty and richness of out life together, those early mornings setting out, those evenings gleaming with rivers and lakes below us, still holding the last light."  ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have felt these exact feelings while flying together in our little Northern Princess.  Bitter Sweet.

June 21, 2010

* Research Project

I have begun a research project.  I need to find the best reasonably priced champagne available.  Sometimes a girl just needs her bubbly.  It actually settles my stomach.  Better than gingerale.  Yes, really!  The other day, I spotted some C for 85 pesos.  That works out to $6.91 cdn.  What better place to start than at the bottom of the price scale.  I purchased a bottle.  Almost forgot I had it, until last night I spied it in the door of the fridge.  I brought four Marie Antoinette's for the occasion.  I was beginning to look forward to the first sip.  Even brought my champagne sealer in order to save the bubbles so I didn't have to drink the entire bottle.

I pealed away the gold foil.  Ah ha ... a plastic cork!  "Ah well, don't judge a book by its cover, Donna.  Give it a fair try."  Thin wire not twisted very well.  "Come on, Donna .... Ok, Ok!"

The cork popped.  Not the usual great sound of a cork popping under pressure and flying through the air.  No bubbles or fog rose from the bottle neck.  At this point, I'm still trying to be optimistic.  I poured.  No bubbles on top.  Not many rising, and the ones that were rising were huge.

I gingerly took my first sip.  Tried to be very broad minded, after all the price was very very right!  The taste?  Let's just put it this way.  I only had one glass.  Does that tell you anything?  I recorked the rest and stored it.  My first experiment didn't work for me.  It was pretty tasteless.  It was pretty flat.  At least it was dry.  I'm crossing St. Ethiene off my list.  Moving on up the price ladder to the next most inexpensive bottle of bubbly.  I'll keep you posted.

Does Champagne and champagne glasses interest you?  After owning and drinking from both flutes and Marie Antoinettes, I find I much prefer a Marie.  So much easier to hold.  They never fight for position with your breasts.  A long stemmed flute may, depending on how your are sitting, or lying.  Before I left Canada I abandoned my gorgeous flutes and hunted down four antique, hand cut Maries.  They survived the journey.  The history of Champagne and Marie Antoinettes follows.  I find it fascinating.

Guest Author - Erin Caslavka

France in the 1700’s was ruled by Marie Antoinette, the original “material girl.” When she wasn’t frolicking in the bucolic gardens of Versailles, she was hosting all sorts of soirees that featured fabulous food, entertainment and wine.

Perhaps it was during one of those fetes that she decided to combine her love of herself and her love of a good party and came up with the idea of casting a wax mold of her breasts. This she had made into a glass, and “Viola!” – the champagne glass was formed.

The bubbly beverage had its beginnings in France in the La Champagne region, which has long produced grapes from coveted vineyards. Quite by accident, champagne was discovered when casks of wine were shipped out from France and the warm weather set off a secondary fermentation during the journey. In the late 1600s, Dom Pierre PĂ©rignon worked at his abbey to deliberately produce champagne, and is said to have exclaimed, “Oh, come quickly: I am drinking the stars!” when referring to the fruits of his labor.

Over the years, changes were made to the manufacturing process, and several well-known “champagne houses” were established; among them Moet, Bollinger, Mumm and Perrier.

By the mid-nineteenth century, 20 million bottles of champagne were being sold – an enormous increase since the turn of the century when sales only reached 300,000.

But the tides turned for champagne when WWI began in earnest, and a German invasion into the region led to the use of the enormous caves beneath Reims being used as shelters from the bombardments of military weaponry. The city had to be rebuilt after the war, and a considerable source of revenue evaporated when Imperial Russia no longer existed as a major purchaser of the beverage. Then the Great Depression and Prohibition hit the United States, and the champagne industry suffered even greater losses.

After WWII, however, things began to improve. In the years between 1945 and 1966, the world saw plenty of reasons to celebrate, and at those festivities champagne was included. No longer considered a pleasure of the wealthy, everyone now had the opportunity to indulge in the sparkling effervescence.

Today, we’re just as likely to drink champagne from a fluted glass as we might in a juice glass when we’re enjoying a mimosa. But the next time you raise a toast in a traditional champagne glass, consider who’s right there with you enjoying the moment!

Some fun facts from Freixenet:

1.There are roughly 44 million tiny bubbles in a bottle of sparkling wine.
2.A cork will escape a bottle of sparkling wine at 38-40 mph.
3.Germans drink the most sparkling wines per capita.

And did you know?

A tradition that is finding its way into wedding feasts, parties, and formal dinners is that of "beheading" a bottle of champagne with a sabre specially-made for the occasion. Begun as a means of showing off their skill on horseback, the Hussards under Napoleon's command celebrated their victories by 'sabring' off the top of a bottle of champagne. As legend has it, these skilled horsemen would ride on horseback at a full gallop while brave (or foolhardy!) ladies would hold up the bottles. And with over 100 lbs. of pressure per square inch in a bottle of champagne, the sabre has to strike the neck at exactly the right angle.

Nowadays celebrants can purchase decorative replicas of these sabres that have been faithfully recreated by artisans in Thiers, France - the French capital of cutlery. 

**When serving a sparkling wine, refrigerate it for 30 minutes before serving. A standard 750 ml bottle yields 5 to 6 glasses.**
Three be the things I shall never attain:
Envy, content, and sufficient champagne.

Dorothy Parker 

June 20, 2010

* Unpacked My Last Box Today


Not one of my better surprises!  Of all the lovely objects of beauty I once owned, I chose to bring with me my 21st birthday gift from my parents.  My set of Royal Crown Derby "Mikado".  Originally I had a set of sixteen.  I pared down to a set of eight.  Yes, I had visions of white linen, crystal and bone china on a table in the garden with dear friends.  What can I say!  Now I can have a dinner party for three.  Yes, only three complete place settings survived.  It was like a truck ran over the box.  The plates were all on their sides, smashed.   I had taken such care packing.  Purchased a special 'dishes' box.  Special sponge wrap.  Nothing could have saved them.  I knelt over them with reverence.  They have seen some good times.  I gathered each piece determined to 'let it go' quickly.  I am now envisioning a blue and white mosaic border around the arch in the fireplace.  What do you think?

Don’t get hung up on a snag in the stream, my dear. Snags alone are not so dangerous—it’s the debris that clings to them that makes the trouble. Pull yourself loose and go on.
Anne Shannon Monroe

June 19, 2010

* What a Difference a Day Makes

The yard is like night and day.  Still a pile of rubble to be taken away, however it's all on one side awaiting Lunes (Monday).  Maria arrived this morning and managed to make a layer of dust disappear from nearly everything including the windows.  It feels so much better in here.  I simply cannot keep up with the dust.  It will take time after the workers leave to get things dust free.

After Maria left I had plans to go shopping.  I literally could not keep my eyes open.  So ... I closed them and slept for 3 hours.  There went my day.  I feel rested tonight though.  The beginning of my jardin follow.

Flat ground!  Bricks stacked to build the last wall.

Amazing, isn't it!

Once I get my jardin begun I think this will be beautiful place to sit.  Even now, this terrace is a shady spot in the morning for my first cup of coffee.  When the sun goes behind the wall in the evening it's also relaxing and enjoyable.  I'm going to get so much use out of this extra space.

"Done is better than perfect."  ~  Scott Allen

I adore this quote.  It makes so much sense to me now.  "Miss Perfect" was such a huge part of me.  I allowed her to ruin many years of my life.   It took years of therapy to let her quieten herself and sit at the back of the room.  Today, Quinta de Luz is nearly complete.  She is beautiful. She is by no means perfect.  Hand crafted is never perfect as we in North America expect perfection.   Marketing has taught us to expect everything to be 'just so'.  Such high expectations I had for myself.  It brought me to my knees and I quit everything because I was simply not capable of being perfect.  There is a special energy in hand crafted objects.  This house has that 'feel' about it.  Hand crafted, hecho in Mexico.  To my way of thinking now, she is absolute perfection.  I would have her no other way.  She matches my soul.  We are sympatico.


* On Disconnect

The internet went down, my vonage phone lines (which are connected via the internet) went down and I have been on disconnect for two entire days.  I'm thinking it parallel's the way I've been feeling lately.  Just a little disconnected from my self, my soul, my authenticity, my creativity.  Don't like it much.  I do know, tomorrow is a new day.  I do realize I love blogging every day.  I MISSED YOU!  You are part of my 'connect'.

Mi Casa "Quinta de Luz" is very nearly 'acabado' (finished).  So much happened today.  The draining ditch was completed.  The ground was leveled.  All the 'left overs' were piled up neatly by the house ready to be taken away.  I am almost in 'stunned' mode.  A quiet weekend will assist me in getting ready to take full possession of my home after everyone is gone.  Next week there will still be some work.  Final touch ups.  I am also having another wall built.  They hauled the two truck loads of bricks in (by hand) today.  The are neatly piled at the bottom of the stairs waiting to 'become'.  Sort of like us .... waiting to 'become'.  I should speak for myself here.  I am actually tired of waiting ... I have plans of action!

So, here's some photos from the last couple of days.

Finishing up cleaning the tiles.  Sweeping.  The iron railing arrived!

Jardin still in chaos.

Siesta - out of the rain.

Wrought iron railing being lifted.

 Just about there ...

Ahhh.  Success!  That was @*(^& heavy!

Sylvia was here the other evening.  She called from outside, "Come and see the light on the house."  I did, and ran for my camera.  Even with my orange towels flapping in the wind because I don't have a clothes line yet, I adore this photo.  Light light is perfect.  The shadow of the cypress tree from a neighbours yard is perfect.  The chimney against the sky is perfect.  Can you tell I like this photo? 

"When we are motivated by goals that have deep meaning, by dreams that need completion, by pure love that needs expressing, then we truly life life."  ~ Greg Anderson

June 16, 2010

* Progress and feeling more content

Progress is definitely being made.  Waterproofing has begun on the roof.  Driveway and terrace tiles have been cleaned in readiness for sealer.  Shelving has been installed in bathroom and kitchen.  Drainage ditch is complete and drying.  It will be filled in tomorrow.  The rest of Quinta de Luz will be painted this week. 

A gentlemen in town, known fondly as "The Grumpy Canadian", came over today.  He installed my vonage phone system, internet wireless and a voltage regulator so the systems don't fry during one of the spectacular storms of the rainy season.  I feel connected.  I am now able to call my friends in Canada and the US.  Unfortunately, Australia is not part of the package.  Other methods are available for 'down unda' -- I will investigate.

I pondered the fact this building project will soon be over.  Achieved.  An ending.  A beginning.  My exciting little project of manifesting myself a haven.  The work will be complete.  All my workers, whom I have grown very fond of, will leave for other jobs.  It will be quite.  Habibi and I will be left to our own devices.  It will seem strange at first.

It is really pleasant here tonight.  I'm sitting at the computer,  Habibi stretched out in the corner.  All the doors are open.  Fans are whirring slowly.  It's cool and a lovely breeze drifts through the house.  Luis Miguel (singer) is on the stereo.  I feel some sort of contentment coming on.

Habibi longs to take possession of his yard.  Every night he goes down the steps to the sunken garden.  He longs to explore each and every inch.  Too much construction still.  He will be happy when it's all his.  I too will be happy to begin puttering in my garden.  Things grow here which I have no idea about --- how exciting.

Next week will include small touch ups.  I have a list going.  On Tuesday I have builder coming to construct another wall.  This will give me complete privacy, and my own wall, from the neighbours.  It will feel good.

Today looked something like this:

My poor tree.  She is suffering.  I want her to survive so badly!  The drainage ditch was completed today.  It now has to dry and be back filled.

I called Lupi's name today.  This was a second before he tipped his hat to me.

This is the chaos I am living in.  Interesting!  Kitchen shelves going up.  Lower shelves already installed.

Ahhhh, that's better.  It's a beginning.

"What we call the beginning is often the end.  And to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from."  T.S. Eliot

So very true!  For me, at least.