June 4, 2010

An Open Letter from 3/8's

Just to refresh your memory, check out my blog about the Serta Mattress and No. 44 .  Little 3/8's arrived today.  All the way from Chicago and my dear friends Ivan and Kathleen.  We bonded as soon as she popped her head out of the envelope.  3/8's misses you, however, she wanted me to send you this note she dictated.

Hello Maddah, Hello Faddah
Here I am in bed with Donna
She is very entertaining
And I'm sure she's gonna be OK with training.

Dearest Faddah, Darling Maddah
How's my precious older bruddah
Could he come here for a visit
'Cause our chats at night I really really miss it.

Thank you Ma
Oh thank you Faddah
Thank you all
I'm very happy to be fine
And it's so cozy drinking wine.

And it's good she wants to luv me
But her white dog wants to bug me
And I know someday I'll see Ewe's
So for now it's simply "Adios Amigos"!

Thank Ewe2.  How much loveliness there was in that envelope.  I will take good care of 3/8's as long as you bring 44 for a long visit.

"There is no distance too far between friends, for friendship gives wings to the heart." ~ Unknown

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