June 30, 2010

*Finishing and beginning

The curtain rods are up.  These are no ordinary curtain rods.  These are the hinge part of the old Hacienda doors which I purchased before I was robbed.  While I still had $$$.  Thank goodness.  I just love them.

A close up.  I wish I didn't have to put curtains up.  The architectural pieces are so grounding to the windows.  Alas, I need some material to filter hot afternoon sun.

They began digging up the yard again today.  Took away six inches off the top.  Still hauling it away bucket by bucket, shovel by shovel.  Backbreaking work.  At least it would break mine.  Theirs seem to be fine.  I never see any of them look like they are in pain.  Not even the look of tiredness on their faces as they leave for the day.  The entire process still amazes me.

Note of Interest:  Notice how they have built a 'ramp' out of dirt.  This completely covers the stairs.  Much easier to walk on a ramp with a heavy load.  Clever.

So, the yard will be finished.  The railing on the terrace has to be finished and a gate put on.  One more 'curtain rod' to put up (this one from the door I made the table out of).  Then I have to STOP!  I have had to take some things which were in the building contract out.  Lack of funds since the con job.  It's just not possible to do everything I had planned.  It is sooo annoying!  Anger creeps in.  At any rate, with what is left I have to go hunting for some furniture.  A nice chair in which to sit my ass.  I'm very tired of sitting on my bed, not having a table to eat at, a desk, and a chest of drawers to put my unmentionables.  Friday will probably be the first day no one is in the actual house working.  I may be able to get out to have a look around.

And so it goes.  Life.  Its' ups and downs.  Its' spiral.  What can I do except maintain some balance, keep myself in the present moment, and Enjoy ... or as one of my friends on GIST says In-Joy.  I like that.  I want to be there more time than I am not there.  : o )

"Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

So true, Bertie, so true!  Any movement is better than being stuck. 

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