June 13, 2010

* It's Five O'Clock Somewhere ...

In fact, it's almost Five O'clock here.  It's HOT, HOT, HOT.  I just got home from a 'big shop' at two of the big American type stores to stock up on household needs.  Gosh, it is expensive to set up house, isn't it!  Almost forgot about that.

So, as I was saying ... It's HOT.  I bought myself two bottles of beer - "Hofbrau Original" - the real Munich stuff.  I'm not a beer fan - however, on a hot and tiring day, it seems to be hitting the spot.  No bottle opener as yet so with the assistance of a pair of wire cutters the top came off quite nicely.   Brings some pretty good memories back as well of those young and foolish days in Munich drinking from huge mugs surrounded by friends.  I've had some good times in my lifetime.

A better day today.  Feeling a little more settled and balanced.  Spent the day 'hunting and gathering'.  Some plastic storage towers to store my art supplies in.  That means I can begin to unpack my boxes.  A toaster oven.  Decided I'm not having a micro wave.  I hardly ever use it anyway.  My 'beanie bag' being the most important item I ever heat up.  Reverting to a hot water bottle when needed to aches and pains.

The house and yard are 'getting there'.  Seems to be so many little things to finish up.  It will be done ... patience is a good thing to practice.  This week the workers will continue in the yard.  The outdoor terrace is nearly finished.  A drainage ditch at the back of the property will be dug and put in place this week.  Heavy rains could cause flooding in the neighbours property which I would be legally responsible for.  They continue to pick axe the cement from the yard.  The rubble pile is almost gone.  The terrace awaits her railing.  Plastering of the bodega (storage) area under the terrace is finished.  The hand painted tiles I collected are sunken into the plaster by the door.  They mostly refer to the Sun and Moon .... thought it related to "de Luz".

In the meantime, I am feeling some turmoil.  To be expected.  This is a huge time of transition and movement forward in my life.  I would like a mentor at the moment.  What I do know is the importance of consciously practicing balance in this moment.  Checking in on a regular basis with Spirit and asking what is needed in the here and now.  The first thing which comes to mind, even as I sit here doing my blog, is CREATING.  I need my art and my writing.  It is so comforting to allow it to flow out onto paper.  That's a good answer and a good beginning.  This week, even though workers will be here, and it may not be that convenient, I will do something toward art and writing.  Toward creating.  Toward the releasing all the pent up emotion inside.

What do I need to remember at this moment?  What is important?

   Habib's second day at Quinta de Luz.  He's feeling better as well.

Don't you love the fireplace chimney?  I'm going to paint it blue with lime green trim.

Outdoor terrace and bodega.  Even though I have to 'bend over', there is quite a bit of room for storage.  I am pleased.

Tiles by the door of the bodega.

The rubble almost gone.  They are now chipping away at the cement.

This is Maria.  Maria is going to help me keep my house clean and neat!  Oh how I need that.  

"Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and draw and paint and write and sing and dance and play and work every day some."  Robert Fulghum

That about sums it up for me.  Sounds easy doesn't it!

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