June 14, 2010

* Men at Work

I've discovered a new thing about myself.  I LIKE watching men at work!  Being in mi casa makes the viewing different. Much more pleasurable.  A 'ring side seat' so to speak.  Oh, when I used to 'drop in' every day, I did appreciate how hard these skilled men worked, however, I never really stopped and had a really good looong look.  A 'lookie loo' as they say.  An enjoyable moment.  A moment of awe when I realized work like this no longer exists to any great extent in our modernized world of the North Americas.  The human body has been replaced by the machine.  Such a shame.  I believe our bodies were designed to function in these ways.  Some of these men are no longer 'kids'.  Some are mature, full grown, perhaps grandfathers.  Their bodies still in top notch shape.  Ready to do hard labour.  There is something absolutely fascinatingly wonderful about the human body.  The way we are put together.  The way a small shift of a limb cushions the blow of a huge pale of cement being hoisted on to a shoulder.  The muscles which are used.  Sheer strength.  Yes, I had a lovely day.  I have found a new passion.  Watching Men At Work.

Playing "Catch the Brick"

View from the roof terrace.

Now, this Senor works all day, as hard as anyone.  He is not young.  Observe how his body has shifted into place to hoist that five gallon pail of cement pieces on to his shoulders.  Amazing.  I can feel it.

This is Lupi.  Lupi is a Mistro (a master).  Lupi fascinates me.  There is something about him which is different.  Probably in his late 40's early 50's, Lupi is in charge in a charming way.  He's always the last one to leave, making sure the work site is clean and neat.  He's the one at the rain barrel, washing up and changing his cloths.  Yes, he goes home looking very handsome in clean clothes with his hands and face shining clean.  An interesting study.

OK, I said these men could work.  They do.  I must say, these men also know how to relax.  Do they not look at peace?  I think so.  I've come to conclusion it's all about BALANCE.  Work hard, Play hard, and on the weekend PARTY!  This neighbourhood rocks on the weekends.  Music everywhere.  NOISE.  Maria was telling me when she works for people who live in the Americano sections of town it's very QUIET.    I am coming to a different conclusion about life.  A new equation for me to practice in my daily life.  From observing another culture who seem pretty happy to me.

Work hard + Play hard + Party hard  =  BALANCE.

"On the tightrope of life, only one thing allows us to move forward, and that one thing is balance. Without balance we fall into chaos, we fall behind, we miss out on what true choices we have in life.
Balance is achieved through awareness. Awareness of what we have on our plate. What is working and what is not. What feels good and what doesn't. Where we are and where we want to be. With awareness, we have choice, the freedom to choose, free will. It is choice that gives us power. Power to choose. Power which is energy. Energy that allows us to move forward in alignment with our choices. We all want to live a full life, and the key to living a full life is finding the balance. "
Laura Kangas

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