June 1, 2010

OK, it's official .....

I'm bored.  I'm restless.  It's this blog.  I still love blogging, but something needs to have a shake up here.  Don't know what it is yet.  However, something is brewing.  Needs what?  More creativity?  A new look?  New colours?  New design?  New content?  New title?  When I began 'Flying Solo' in November of 2009, I was still scared spitless.  I was still taking baby steps, moving forward slowly and carefully, pushing myself out of my comfort zone little by little.  Now I want to take flying leaps, jump off cliffs, see if my new wings can really carry me.  Oh, I know I've found out a lot about my wings -- however, there is more.  That volcanic feeling is afoot again .... like the old fire is beginning to rumble deep inside.  What is this all about?  Don't know yet!

Today, Moses, (not his real name ... they call him that because his work is so highly respected many people think he walks on water), picked me up.  He delivered my door table and my armoir.  I had seen a cast wrought iron table and chairs about a week ago sitting on someones patio for sale.  Today I went back and it was still there.  I made a low ball offer.  They wanted $269.00 for it.  I offered $153.84 to be exact.  After a little bargaining and pretending to walk away, the price was agreed upon and I got my bargain.  It will be nice on the outdoor terrace which is not covered.

The bed was supposed to be delivered today.  When I left, it still was not there.  Same with the washing machine.  The workmen were still there --- so perhaps I will be surprised tomorrow.

Tiling is coming along in the bathroom nicely.  The stove and fridge should be here and installed in the next couple of days.  Everything just might be hooked up and ready to go by the weekend.  We had to 'borrow' electricity from the neighbours.  It may be another month before all the paperwork is completed to get 'official' electricity.  This is the way it works.  I give my neighbours a little 'good faith' money.  They in turn allow me to hook up to there house and have electricity in my house.  I pay their power bill until I get my own power.  How do you like that?  Not something we would be doing in the great white north.  I love it!

Photos of my new 'stuff'.

Not a good photo of my little kitchen table.  I will take a better one later.  The outdoor furniture needs a coat of paint. Don't know what colour yet.  I like the fact there is one chair which is different.  That will be 'my' chair ... the 'Queens' chair.  I will have some nice cushions made ... and 'Bob's your Uncle'.  (Well, not really.  Bob is actually my nieces husband.  I told you I feel odd tonight!)

My new Armoire.  No, the reflection in the mirror does not come with it.  I am going to have to be very selective about my cloths.  A challenge!

"We were taught in this society that we must have ownership of so much. But this has just caused clutter in our lives and this is a reflection of our spiritual clutter. Just give your unnecessary stuff away...Life is chaotic only if we allow it to be. And you don’t want to be so attached to objects that those objects begin to define you.
“Check yourself,” he said. “What drives you? When do you feel the most alive? Those are the things you should do.” ~ Jared Anderson

 "Small rooms or dwellings discipline the mind, large ones weaken it." – Leonardo Da Vinci
Well, I think Leonardo could have something there and I think I am about to find out!

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