July 21, 2010

* It rained today

The rain today filled this pot to the brim.  It's awesome to observe how fast and hard the water can come down.  That took less than one hour.

The drainage system which was installed in the jardin seems to be working beautifully.  There was not residue from the rain ... all down the drain.  : o )

I have been hunting for fabric for cushions and something to upholster the seats of the chairs I bought to 'do up'.  Today I hit the jackpot.  Three coverlets.  I would say two are Indian (eastern) or from Morocco.  The third, I suspect is American.  A very interesting piece, men (soldiers perhaps) riding horses as well as elephants.  I want to do some research on it before I hack it to pieces.  They are all gorgeous.  I fell in love as I do with old textiles, made an offer on them, and brought them home.

Progress on the jardin continues.  It rained most of the afternoon, making it difficult for the men to work.  Most of the time was spent huddled in the bodega and under the balconies.

The tiling on the fountain began.  I put big 'X's' where I wanted my sun, moon and star tiles to go.  They will be put in last.  Bricks are still being laid.  They are almost complete.  After that, the stairs will be adjusted, the walls sealed and painted and the mosaics of the sun, moon and star done.  Then, voila, it will be finished.  Some photos.

My new Mistro, Jose, beginning the conches or vessels which will spill the water into the fountain.  (I still miss Lupe, although I know Jose is very skilled.  Just miss Lupes' quiet energy)

My tree, even though they warmed me it might die, seems to be flourishing.  It's growth is now just above the wall.  I am thrilled.  I trimmed off all the suckers at the bottom, which made a nice trunk.  I love it.
This is the piece I think is East Indian.  They usually use a lot of mirror in their creations.  It's old and has some damage.  I adore it.

I think perhaps this piece could be Moroccan - some of the fabric seems more moorish.  Who knows, I want to research.

Interesting piece.  I thought at first this could be American.  However, now I think these riders might have turbans on their heads - riding both horses and elephants. 

Is there anyone tuned into this blog who knows about textiles, old quilts and coverlets?  I'd love to hear from you.  Meantime, I will do some poking around on the web myself to see what I can find out. 

"Of course life is bizarre, the more bizarre it gets, the more interesting it is.  The only way to approach it is to make yourself some pop corn and enjoy the show."

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