July 7, 2010

* Look what I found ...

The hunt of late has been for knobs, pulls, etc. for the old hacienda doors into the bano.  I, of course, wanted something a little 'off the wall'.  Today I found them.  I am still drooling.  I'm not sure what they would have been.  I am guessing the ends of the arms of some fabulous chair.  What's your guess?  The detail is absolutely heavenly, right down to the henna work.  They must be from India or some part of the far east.  I like to imagine where they have been and what their story may be.  How on earth did they arrive in SMA?  You will either be saying "YUK!" .... or .... "OMG, I think I'm going to faint."  I was saying the later.

  I think the detail is very beautiful.  They are elegant and mysterious.

Also purchased a cannon ball.  Why?  You may ask!

One needs door stops here in San Miguel.  The wind can bluster unexpectedly and suddenly the door will slam shut.  Since I feel I am having a bit of a 'revolution' of my own, I thought a cannon ball would be appropriate for at least one door stop.  Hunting for other unique items for the other doors.  Think about where this cannon ball must have been and the sights it may have seen!  Makes one weak at the knees.

This is the material for the curtains under the kitchen counter.  Very subtle yet elegant in a cottagie kind of way.  Goes with the walls and chandelier in that it is somewhat french looking.  It was a remanent at a high end shop in SMA.

I had a lovely day, actually.  Met Sylvia down town.  We wandered in and out of tantalizing shops and found a wonderful little Lebanese restaurant in the middle of SMA.  Such a surprise.  We ordered a combination plate and shared all the tasty bits, including home made yogurt, humus, tabouli, stuffed squash, some meat concoction which was delicious, rice and noddles with spices, pita bread and I'm sure I missed a couple of things on the plate.   For dessert we shared baklava which was some of the best I have tasted outside Greece.  Then, to top it all off, they made the most perfect Turkish coffee.  I was elevated to cloud 46.  I would go back in a minuto, and will no doubt visit again soon.  The family has been in SMA for 25 years.  The Senors wife is from Lebanon.  Senor, by the way, is a painter.  Both Sylvia and I were tempted.  We refrained .... today, anyway.

Also visited a nursery.  Sylvia, with her more than adequate Spanish, asked the Senor advice about trees for my garden.  I've been doing research and it seems most of the trees here, the ones I particularly adore, can take your house down with their roots if they don't have the proper space in which to expand.  With my rather small jardin, I have to be cautious.  He recommended some types of palms, Valencia orange or other citrus varieties, and non fruiting olive trees.  The nursery is having another shipment in on Friday, so we will go and have another look around.  It's very stimulating going to nurseries.  I want to have a beautiful garden ... patience ... patience.  I keep reminding myself.

When I returned home it was nearly 5:00 pm.  Habibi had not gone potty since about 7:00 AM.  He took the time to greet me with his usual wanting up into my arms for a hug.  Then he made it clear it was potty time.  It was just beginning to rain and we made it into the jardin successfully and back into the house before the downpour.  After the flooding stopped, I reopened the doors to once again enjoy the fresh air.  I put up the usual barriers of huge plant pots and stone slabs so Habibi would not venture into the swamp --- flooded from the deluge.  I was taking care of business in the house when I noticed his absence.  Once again, he had over come the challenge of the barrier and was having a fantasy land time in the swamp which was now the Jardin.  He looked so happy, up to his ankles in water, face all dirty.  Here we go again I thought.  I could not be angry - he simply looked so happy.

Yes, Mummy, I do realize what I have done, but it was just so much fun.  There's a lot of water down there you know.  Guy's love water and mud!  I know, I'm making tracks on your floor again -- but then again Mummy, what are floors for .... I mean really???

 I know my face is dirty!  A bath, Mummy?  Don't you think that's a little estreme?

Ok Mummy, you don't have to keep going over and over it!  I've got my paws almost clean.  They will soon be dry.  Have you thought it would be easier to wash the sheets than to wash me?  I think that would be a good compromise.

"I talk to him when I'm lonesome like; and I'm sure he understands.  When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat.  For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that."  ~W. Dayton Wedgefarth

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