July 15, 2010

* Lost Photographs

I took so many great photographs today, and somewhere between my camera and the computer I lost them.  RATTS.  So ....

Actually had a lovely day.  Went to Delores Hidalgo to fetch some special hand painted tiles to scatter through the back of the fountain.  The fountain tiles are cream, like the bathroom, so I am simply splashing a few in for some interest and colour.  They are all related to 'light', as in moon, stars and sun.  I'm excited.

Being on the 'road' was just what I needed.  I do miss getting in the car and just driving.  So therapeutic.  Alas, I was not behind the wheel, however, it was absolutely glorious.  I will save my stories about today for tomorrow and take some more photos of the loot I acquired for the house.

Instead, I will tell you what I am doing to the Hacienda doors.  When I purchased them, they were huge. Nine or ten feet tall.  Very heavy and very well braced at the back.  As you know I am living in a very small space, so am always looking for unique spots to store things.  It turns out I can turn the backs of the doors into a medicine chest.  I can store vitamins, hair spray, all the 'bathroom' stuff there.  Moise is going to make me little iron rods to put across the spaces to hold the goodies in.  I thought it would be fun to collage the doors - so I have begun.  Here are some photos.

You can see how the doors were built.  So in each cubical, I can store 'stuff'.  YEAH.  I've collaged the first square on each door.  I'm not sure if they are 'finished' yet - but well on their way.

The first two spaces seem to have taken on a life of their own.  Theme seems to be 'nesting' which seems appropriate.  Not sure what the next two will be.  I think perhaps Paris.  I have some interesting perfume labels and photos of the Eiffel Tower.  

By the way, do you know why Winston Churchill always lunched at the Eiffel Tower when he was in Paris?  He couldn't stand to look at the 'thing' and it was the only place in town where he didn't have to view it.  I love that story.

All people dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their mind, wake in the morning to find that it was vanity. But the dreamers of the day are dangerous people, for they dream their dreams with open eyes, and make them come true.
T.E. Lawrence (AKA Lawrence of Arabia)

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