July 2, 2010

* The New Jardin

When I began drawing in the dirt things changed.  New ideas came.  I think I'm repeating myself, however! ... bear with me.  I'm told this comes with age.   The dark gray slate seemed heavy and oppressive.  I am looking for light and airy.  So, out with the slate and in with more brick.  A herringbone pattern will cover the entire space.  I will plant one large shade tree, type to be decided.  The rest of the jardin will be container gardening.  Easy maintenance.  Into the brick I have designed mosaics.  They will be done in small pebbles.  Since this is Quinta de Luz, I thought it symbolic of the Universe to use El Sol (the sun), La Luna (the moon), and una estrella (a star).

The half fountain attached to the side wall will have a very old colonial shape.  The back will be tiled.  More fun picking great tiles.  A trip to Delores Hidalgo no doubt.

Work began this week.

Tempate is being brought into the yard.  A substance to ground the brick.  We would probably use sand.   Tapping this down and making it level is part of this process.  See the tool being made?  The huge heavy piece of wood?  A piece of rebar is being pounded into the wood.  It is covered by a piece of rubber hose.  This protects the workers hands, as they never use gloves while they work.  That absolutely huge, heavy chunk of wood is then pounded up and down to level and make the ground solid.  Again.  I am in awe.

These men, as you can see, work very hard.  They also know how to rest.  During a little rain, two of them take time out under the tree for lunch.  Another, has a true siesta.

It's Friday evening.  All is quiet tonight.  The men have left for the weekend.  It's Habibi and me on the terrace enjoying the breeze, doing my blog.  Love it! 

Plastering has begun.  The bricks will go in after the walls are complete.

Here are the latest drawings for the new jardin.  Do you think I should plant a ficus or a Valencia orange.  I've ruled out olive, even though I'm absolutely enthralled with them.  I'm told they create huge mess. 

So, that's it.  I will keep you posted as the jardin evolves.

The greatest gift of the garden is the restoration of the five senses.  ~Hanna Rion

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