July 12, 2010

* Panaderia and Bricks

Most mornings, about 10:30 AM I walk about a block and one half to the local Panaderia (bakery).  I purchase bags of warm fresh baking for my men.  It's a dangerous place, the Panaderia.  The smells are tempting from a block away.  Up close to the window, the visual hits you.  Huge trays of just about everything await my decision making process.  This is not just any bakery.  This bakery actually makes all the good stuff and ships it out to other bakeries all over town.  So .... I learned very quickly, in the back is a huge room.  It's actually quite a dark room.  It's full of men and huge tables.  At the back there is an oven with a great big fire in it.  The room is HOT!  The men work with speed.  It's flabbergasting to observe them.  Not only are they fast, they are happy.  Music is playing.  Men are singing.  Over the time my house has been under construction, even though we do not have one word in common, I have gotten to know these men, in a fashion.  I always walk into the back where they are working and help myself to some plastic bags to fill.  Every morning now, they all say in unison "Buenos Dias, Senora.".  I say "Buenos Dias, Senors".  It is now a ritual.  If the music is really good, I will have a little dance with them.  They all go into peels of laughter.  They sing louder when I enter.  They are 'showing off' and it's wonderful.  As I leave, they call in unison "Manana Senora" and I of course wave and say "Adios Senors".  I like going to the bakery.  However, it is a very dangerous place.  I usually come home with something for myself, which I definitely don't require!

This morning, I asked permission to take some photos.  The nodded with enthusiasm.  I think two of them actually 'picked up the pace' for the photos.  "Mucho rapido" (very quick) as they laughingly tell me.
Making 'boleos' by hand.  The favorite bun of the Mexican people here.

The oven is HOT!  It makes the entire room almost unbearable.  I would absolutely be done in if I worked in an environment like this.  The baking is slid into the oven on huge long wooden trays with handles on them.

This is where I think they 'picked up the pace'.  Mucho rapido.  Their hands are blurred because of the speed.

I didn't take any photos of the front of the shop, where baking lies on huge trays on floor to ceiling racks.  I take a pair tongs which hang from the racks and fill up my bag.  Bees are everywhere, flying around me, crawling on the baking enjoying their breakfast, crawling into your bag with the baking.  At first, I used to come home with bees in the bag.  Now I manage to avoid letting them in, although this morning I did have to retrieve a bee out of my bag with the tongs.  It's an experience.  My little adventure.  My workers, back here at de Luz, love to see me coming in with two bags full of delicious warm, fresh treats for them.  It is my pleasure.

My patio was begun today.  Bricks appeared in the middle.  The entire yard is squared off with string so they keep them straight.  Lupe is working on the fountain.  Putting in the hoses and electrical which will bring water and power.  

'Don't dwell on what went wrong.  Instead, focus on what to do next.  Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.  ~  Dennis Waitly

As I move forward and through that which has occurred since I have been here in my new home, I must constantly remind myself not to dwell on what went wrong.  Moving forward is the only way.  I truly believe that.  It is a time of practice.

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